Safeman SBLT-53: Full Body Safety Harness for Maximum Protection at Heights

Safeman SBLT-53: Full Body Safety Harness for Maximum Protection at Heights

Full body harness
● Double lanyard with Energy Absorber.
Canvas bag packing for easy storage and carry
● Adjustable Chest Wrap with buckle,
Wide Textile and sponge belt back support.
2 D Rings In Front with 1 D Ring At The Back
Double lanyard with Energy Absorber
● Two big scaffolding hooks can be attached to the back D ring with a D ring hook on the lanyard.



Available Color: Orange

AAA Safe - UAE


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Full Body Harness with Double Lanyard – Detailed Breakdown

This description details a full-body harness with a double lanyard and energy absorber, designed for fall protection in various industries.

  • Fall Protection System:
    • Full Body Harness: Provides support and multiple attachment points in case of a fall.
    • Double Lanyard with Energy Absorber: Lanyards connect the harness to an anchor point, and the energy absorber helps reduce impact forces during a fall.
    • D-Rings:
      • 2 D-rings in front for work positioning (e.g., tethering tools).
      • 1 D-ring at the back for fall arrest (lanyard attachment).


  • Comfort and Support:
    • Adjustable Straps: Adjustable chest wrap with buckle, waist with clasp, and thigh straps for a secure fit.
    • Wide Textile and Sponge Belt Back Support: Offers comfort and reduces pressure on the back during work.


  • Functionality:
    • Canvas Bag Packing: Comes in a canvas bag for storage and transport.
    • High-Visibility Color: Available in orange for better visibility.


  • Applications:
    • Likely suitable for various fall protection applications in construction, heavy industry, and other relevant fields (check specific industry requirements).

Additional information


10 Pcs / ctn


59 x 24.5 x 35 cm


0.05 (m³)

Net Weight

32 KGs

Gross Weight

33 KGs




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