Single Lanyard: Essential Fall Arrest Connection

Single Lanyard: Essential Fall Arrest Connection

  • Built-in Scaffolding Hook with Shock Absolver
  • Single Lanyard Belt


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    –  Built-in Scaffolding Hook: This hook is integrated into the lanyard and likely designed to easily connect to scaffolding structures commonly found in construction sites.
    –  Shock Absorber: This is a critical component that helps to lessen the impact forces on the body in the event of a fall.
    –  Single Lanyard: This refers to a single lanyard connecting the harness to an anchor point (e.g., scaffolding).


    –  While the scaffolding hook suggests construction use, a single lanyard setup might not be compliant with safety standards for fall arrest. Fall arrest systems typically require double lanyards for redundancy in case one lanyard fails.

Safety Concerns:

    –  Double Lanyards for Fall Arrest: Safety regulations (e.g., OSHA) often mandate double lanyards for fall arrest to minimize risk in case one lanyard fails. Using a single lanyard might not meet safety requirements.

Possible Use Cases:

    –  Work Positioning: A single lanyard with a shock absorber could be used for work positioning, where a fall arrest system isn’t necessary but a fall restraint might be helpful to prevent reaching a fall hazard. However, consult a safety professional and relevant regulations to ensure proper use.
    –  Compatibility: It’s possible this lanyard is designed for a specific fall restraint system with a separate double lanyard for fall arrest. Check for compatibility information with other components.

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Dimensions 50 × 26 × 21 cm

10 Pcs


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