1 : A shoe with a reinforced toe cap to minimize foot injuries caused by dropped articles.
2 : a shoe with a sole of material incapable of sparking for work near combustibles or explosives.

Many types of protective footwear are available for work involving toe and foot hazards. Some are designed for work in a specific craft or industry, such as for fire-fighters, loggers, electricians, or welders.

 This safety footwear standard requires all safety shoes to have front foot protection against a 200 joule impact. This is the amount of energy the toe region can absorb before breaking. Under the EN ISO 20345 standard there are different safety classes like S1 or S3 for example.

Protective footwear worn in different workplaces are designed to protect the foot from physical hazards such as falling objects, stepping on sharp objects, heat and cold, wet and slippery surfaces, or exposure to corrosive chemicals. 19 May 2022

Overall design: The major difference lies in the design of the safety footwear. The purpose of these shoes is to safeguard the feet of the wearer from any kind of injury, heat, or chemicals. So, the design is done in a way that prioritizes safety for the wearer. 15 Dec 2022

Less protection: synthetic safety shoes generally offer less protection to hazards such as chemicals than leather boots. Ankle support: whilst boots that cover your ankles can also cause irritation, the support they offer your ankles can also be an advantage.

Footwear in safety class S3 (and in class S1P) have oil and petrol resistant soles, and all of the shoes and boots are slip resistant, anti-static and breathable. In other words: total safety. Footwear.

S1 = As well as the basic toe protection, S1 will ensure that footwear has anti-static protection, is resistant to fuel oil and has energy absorption in the heel. S2 = These have all the same protection as S1, plus the added protection of preventing water penetration and absorption of the uppers.

Yes, most safety footwear has a two-year shelf life, whereby the shoes must be worn before the stated expiry date. If the footwear is not worn within this period, a process called hydrolysis is likely to occur (see explanation below).

S4 safety footwear is rubber or polymeric waterproof footwear with protective toecap, anti-static properties and impact energy absorbing heel unit. S4 safety footwear meets the safety basic footwear requirements to EN ISO 20345:2011.

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Safety shoes are essential. They are equipped with features like steel toe caps, puncture-resistant soles, and insulated materials. These aren’t just shoes; they are a piece of indispensable safety equipment for anyone working in environments where foot injuries are a risk.

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Safety shoes are not ordinary footwear. They’re a vital part of the personal protective equipment (PPE) spectrum, designed to prevent injury in the workplace. With reinforced toes and sturdy materials, they are the first line of defense against falls, impacts, and sharp objects.

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Construction: Sturdy Foundations Begin with Safe Feet

Construction sites are a maze of hazards. AAA Safe, your safety shoes supplier, equips workers with boots that resist punctures, slips, and heavy impacts. Our safety shoes are essential for those who build our cities.


Manufacturing: Precision and Protection from the Ground Up

In manufacturing, precision meets heavy machinery. Safety shoes are non-negotiable. AAA Safe supplies footwear that guards against electrical risks and falling objects, ensuring every shift ends as safely as it starts.


Oil & Gas: Secured Steps in High-Stakes Operations

Oil & gas workers brave extreme conditions. Reliable safety shoes are critical. At AAA Safe, we deliver robust footwear options that provide grip, withstand chemicals, and shield against shocks.


Logistics and Warehousing: Keeping Pace with Protection

The fast-paced logistics sector demands constant movement. Safety shoes from AAA Safe offer comfort for long hours and defense against workplace mishaps, helping keep the supply chain moving safely.


Healthcare: Supportive Footwear for Life-Saving Professionals

Healthcare professionals are on their feet all day. AAA Safe provides safety shoes that offer slip resistance and hygiene, tailored for the ones who care for our health.


Hospitality: Service with Safety at Every Step

Hospitality staff face spillages and long hours. Our safety shoes blend style with safety, giving workers confidence and comfort in every area of service.