Power Safety Shoes: Enhanced Protection & Performance

Power Safety Shoes: Enhanced Protection & Performance

  • – Shoes are made with Steel Toe Cap & Midsole Plate
  • Oil and AcidResistant, Anti-Static.
  • – Soft, breathable Spacer Lining
  • Mesh Lining with 3mm EVA padded.
  • Double Density sole
  • – Grey Nylon Threads 6 & 3 ply
  • Cordura with foam in coller.


Sizes: 39 | 40 | 41 | 42 | 43 | 44 | 45 | 46

Colors: Grey

AAA Safe - UAE


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Tough Meets Comfort: Safety Shoes for Demanding Work

  • These safety shoes offer a robust combination of protection and comfort for various industrial environments:
    • Superior Protection: Steel toe cap and midsole plate safeguard your toes from impacts and punctures.
    • Multi-Hazard Defense: Oil and acid resistant sole shields your feet from harsh chemicals, while antistatic properties reduce the risk of electrical shock.


  • Comfort Options:
    • Choose Your Lining: Select between soft, breathable spacer lining for a lightweight feel or mesh lining with 3mm EVA padding for extra cushioning.


  • Durable Performance:
    • Double Density Sole: Provides a perfect balance of long-lasting wear and shock absorption.
    • Grey Nylon Treads (6 & 3 ply options): Delivers reliable slip resistance on various surfaces.


  • Enhanced Comfort:
    • Cordura Collar with Foam Padding: Offers a comfortable fit around the ankle for all-day wear.

Additional information


10 Prs / ctn


63.5 x 46.5 x 34 cms


0.1 (m³)

Net Weight

12 kgs

Gross Weight

14  kgs




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