Red Aluminium Ladders – Rubber Pad Multi-Purpose Portable Ladder for Home, Kitchen, Garden, Office, Warehouse

  • The ladder is white and orange in color. Made of premium quality aluminum, it is lightweight and durable with high strength
  • COMPACT FOLDING DESIGN: You can say goodbye to hefty stools taking up too much room and hello to a spot to park your car
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: If you want a ladder that is easy to carry when you travel, then this Ladders 4-Step Foldable Aluminium Platform Ladder will be the best choice for you since it is extremely lightweight and portable. It has a smart platform to enable good grip and balance while using it
  • High strength Aluminum Ladder is most suitable for every housewife to reach out to cabinets, shelves, cleaning or fixing lights indoor and outdoor
  • The stands are fitted with anti-skid PVC shoes, to ensure usage on smooth and wet surfaces

Available Size : 4 Steps, 5 Steps, 6 Steps, 7 Steps, 8 Steps

AAA Safe - UAE

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