Aluminium Ladders

  • Available Sizes : 3 Steps , 4 Steps , 5 Steps , 6 Steps , 7 Steps , 8 Steps & 9 Steps.

  • Made of premium quality aluminum, it is lightweight and durable with high strength
  • COMPACT FOLDING DESIGN: You can say goodbye to hefty stools taking up too much room and hello to a spot to park your car
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: If you want a ladder that is easy to carry when you travel, then this Ladders  Foldable Aluminium Platform Ladder will be the best choice for you since it is extremely lightweight and portable. It has a smart platform to enable good grip and balance while using it
  • High strength Aluminum Ladder is most suitable for every housewife to reach out to cabinets, shelves, cleaning or fixing lights indoor and outdoor
  • The stands are fitted with anti-skid PVC shoes, to ensure usage on smooth and wet surfaces


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