INDUSTRIAL DUO COLORED GAUNTLET GLOVES – Industrial latex gloves, Duo Colored, Latex with cotton flock lining.

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    –  Industrial Latex: Latex offers good chemical resistance to a range of acids, alkalis, and some oils and greases. However, it’s important to note that some people have latex allergies.
    –  Cotton Flock Lining: This lining absorbs moisture, potentially improving comfort during extended wear. However, it might not be ideal for tasks requiring frequent cleaning or involving water-based chemicals.

Possible Applications:

    –  These gloves could be suitable for various tasks requiring:

          –  Heavy-Duty Chemical Handling: Tasks involving exposure to a range of chemicals where latex offers suitable protection (depending on the specific chemicals).
          –  Always consult a chemical resistance chart for the specific chemicals you’ll be handling to ensure these gloves are appropriate.
          –  Gauntlet Protection: Applications where splashes or spills might travel up the arm (e.g., some cleaning tasks, chemical mixing).

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10 Doz

Net Weight (N.W.):

31.2 KG

Cubic Metres (CBM):

0.08 (m³)