HG-57 Latex Gloves: Affordable & Versatile for Everyday Use

HG-57 Latex Gloves: Affordable & Versatile for Everyday Use

  • – 13 Gauge Red Polyester Liner
  • – With Black Latex Crinkle Finished


AAA Safe - UAE


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Features and Benefits:

  • Materials:
    • 13 Gauge Red Polyester Liner: This is a relatively thin liner that offers some comfort and breathability during wear. The red color might enhance visibility in some environments.
    • Black Latex Crinkle Coating: Latex offers good elasticity and dexterity, while the crinkle finish can improve grip in wet or dry environments.


  • Possible Applications:

These gloves could be suitable for various tasks requiring:

    • Food Handling: Tasks involving handling wet or oily food items (check for food safety certifications).
    • Light Assembly: Handling parts, sorting objects, basic packing tasks (especially if some moisture or grip is involved).
    • Cleaning: Tasks involving light cleaning with water-based solutions (check for chemical resistance).
    • Applications Requiring Visibility: The red color might be beneficial in environments where high visibility is a plus (e.g., some construction sites, traffic control).

As always, consulting the manufacturer’s specifications or a safety officer is recommended to get details on the latex formulation, its chemical resistance properties, and any certifications (e.g., EN 374 for chemical resistance). They can also advise on potential latex allergies and recommend alternatives if necessary.

Additional information

Weight 14,5 kg
Dimensions 46 × 25 × 46 cm

20 Doz

Net Weight (N.W.):

13.5 KG

Cubic Metres (CBM):

0.05 (m³)


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