AAA Safe SBLT-06: Versatile Full-Body Harness for Work at Heights

AAA Safe SBLT-06: Versatile Full-Body Harness for Work at Heights

● Built-in shoulder, back comfort
● Padding with double HOOK,
● D-ring located on both side,
● Comfortable with  back support belt



AAA Safe - UAE


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Features and Benefits: 

  • Comfort and Support:
    • Built-in Padding: Padding on shoulders and back enhances comfort during extended wear and helps distribute weight more evenly.
    • Comfortable Back Support Belt: This adds to the overall comfort and reduces pressure on the back during work.


  • Fall Arrest Functionality:
    • D-rings: The description mentions two key points:
      • D-ring located on both sides: This is less common in standard fall arrest harnesses. Harnesses typically have a single dorsal D-ring on the back for fall arrest attachment. Side D-rings might be for work positioning (tethering tools) but may not be suitable for fall arrest.
    • Double Hook: The purpose of the “double hook” is unclear. It might be:
      • Part of a separate component like a positioning lanyard (not ideal for fall arrest).
      • An additional feature for specific applications (check with the manufacturer).


  • Safety Considerations:
    • Double D-rings for Fall Arrest: While the back D-rings could be used for fall arrest, confirmation is needed. Consult a safety professional or the manufacturer to clarify if the side D-rings are certified for fall arrest and how the “double hook” is intended for use.


  • Possible Use Cases:
    • Fall Arrest (with Back D-ring): If the back D-ring is certified for fall arrest, the harness could be used with a lanyard or lifeline for this purpose.
    • Work Positioning (with Side D-rings and Double Hook): If the side D-rings and double hook are part of a certified work positioning system, it could be used for tasks where fall arrest isn’t necessary but preventing reaching a fall hazard is desirable. However, consult a safety professional to confirm proper use and compliance with regulations.


Additional information

Weight 13,5 kg
Dimensions 51,5 × 23,5 × 37,5 cm

15 Pcs

Net Weight (N.W.):

12.5 KG

Cubic Metres (CBM):

0.03 (m³)


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