AAA SAFE ROBUSTMAN – Full Body Safety Harness, Rope, Adjustable waist, Thigh wrap, Plastic Belt Back support, Scafolding Hook – SBLT-02

  • Built-in shoulder, back and leg comfort padding WITH SINGLE HOOK
  • D-ring located at back
  • Adjustable Chest Strap & Thigh Straps, Comfortable with Sit Strap

Colours Available:

Orange | Green | White

AAA Safe - UAE

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Comfort and Support:

    –  Built-in Padding: Padding on shoulders, back, and legs enhances comfort during extended wear and distributes weight more evenly.
    –  Adjustable Chest Strap & Thigh Straps: Allow for a customized and secure fit, crucial for fall protection.
    –  Comfortable Sit Strap: Provides additional comfort and support while suspended.

Fall Arrest Functionality:

    –  D-ring Located at Back: This is the standard location for the primary attachment point for a lanyard or lifeline used in fall arrest applications.
    –  Single Hook: This is a significant concern for fall arrest. Safety regulations (e.g., OSHA) typically mandate double lanyards for fall arrest to minimize risk in case one lanyard fails. A single hook setup might not meet safety requirements for fall arrest.

Possible Use Cases:

    –  Fall Arrest (with Back D-ring): If the harness is certified for fall arrest, the back D-ring could be used with a double lanyard and lifeline for this purpose. However, confirmation is crucial.
    –  The harness and hook are part of a certified work positioning system.
    –  You receive proper training on safe use within that system.
    –  Relevant regulations (e.g., OSHA standards) permit a single hook for your specific work positioning application.

Safety Considerations:

    –  Double Lanyards for Fall Arrest: Always prioritize using a double lanyard setup with a certified fall arrest system for fall protection applications. The back D-ring is the designated point for this.

Additional information

Weight 19,5 kg
Dimensions 55,6 × 27 × 43 cm

10 Pcs

Net Weight (N.W.):

18.5 KG

Cubic Metres (CBM):

0.06 (m³)


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