HG-65 Dotted Gloves: Enhanced Grip & Dexterity for Precise Tasks

HG-65 Dotted Gloves: Enhanced Grip & Dexterity for Precise Tasks

  • – 10 Gauge Black T/C Liner
  • – With Two Side Blue PVC Dots


AAA Safe - UAE


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Features and Benefits:

  • Materials:
    • 10 Gauge Black T/C Liner: This likely refers to a 10 gauge thickness liner made from a blend of textile fibers (T/C stands for Terry Cloth or a similar blend). It might offer some comfort and basic protection against dirt and debris.
    • Two Side Blue PVC Dots: These are likely small PVC dots strategically placed on the palms or fingers of the gloves.


  • Possible Applications:

These gloves could be suitable for various tasks requiring:

    • Light-duty Work: Assembly tasks, handling non-abrasive materials, general work where basic protection and some grip improvement are beneficial.
    • Grip Enhancement (Limited): Tasks requiring slight improvement in grip for handling tools or objects (consider the limitations of small PVC dots).

For tasks requiring more substantial protection or grip enhancement, consider gloves designed specifically for those needs (e.g., cut-resistant gloves, heavy-duty work gloves with improved grip features).

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 50 × 25 × 54 cm

20 Doz

Net Weight (N.W.):

12 KG

Cubic Metres (CBM):

0.07 (m³)


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