Chemical Gloves HG-79

  • Jersey Liner With Blue Nitrile,
  • Fully Coated


AAA Safe - UAE

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    –  Jersey Liner: This is a fabric liner typically made from cotton or synthetic fibers. It provides comfort during extended wear by absorbing moisture.
    –  Blue Nitrile: Nitrile offers good chemical resistance to a range of chemicals, oils, and greases. The specific chemicals and the level of resistance will depend on the exact nitrile formulation used.

Possible Applications:

    –  These gloves could be suitable for various tasks requiring:

    –  Chemical Handling: Tasks involving exposure to a range of chemicals where nitrile offers suitable protection (depending on the specific chemicals). Always consult a chemical resistance chart.
    –  Comfort: The jersey liner can make these gloves more comfortable for extended wear compared to gloves without a liner.

It’s important to prioritize safety and consult a safety officer or refer to the manufacturer’s specifications to get details on the nitrile compound used, its chemical resistance properties, and any certifications (e.g., EN 374 for chemical resistance).

Additional information

Weight 14,8 kg
Dimensions 70 × 27 × 43 cm

10 Doz

Net Weight (N.W.):

13.8 KG

Cubic Metres (CBM):

0.08 (m³)