WG-01 Welding Goggles: Superior Eye Protection for Safe Welding

WG-01 Welding Goggles: Superior Eye Protection for Safe Welding

  • – Soft PVC opaque green frame, ABS Material
  • High Quality welding goggles to protect your safety.
  • – The frame has 6 Black Venting Holes, which are then fixed by Elastic Bands.
  • – It is easy to wear and can be worn by people wearing Myopia Glasses.
  • – The lens has three layers, the inner and outer layers are 1.0 x 50 mm PC Transparent Lenses, and the middle layer is 2.0 x 50 mm Green Lenses.
  • 6 Air-Breathing Vents.
  • – The welding goggles with easy flip-up dark shade and air vents, straps around your head with the Adjustable Fitting Band, sealing the eyes and providing you with great protection while Welding and Cutting Metals.
  • – Use it when Oxygen-Acetylene Welding, Torching, Soldering, Brazing, Metal Cutting or Sandblasting and all types of Industrial Work, effectively avoiding the possibility of potential damage to the eyes in all activities.
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Clear Breakdown of the Soft PVC Welding Goggles

  • Frame:
    • Material: Soft PVC (polyvinyl chloride) – known for offering flexibility and comfort.
    • Color: Opaque green.
    • Ventilation: 6 air venting holes for improved airflow and reduced fogging.
    • Elastic Straps: Ensure a comfortable and secure fit around the head.
    • Myopia Glasses Friendly: Designed to accommodate eyeglasses underneath the goggles.


  • Lens:
    • Triple Layer Construction:
      • Inner & Outer Layers: 1.0 x 50 mm PC transparent lenses – likely for clear vision and scratch resistance.
      • Middle Layer: 2.0 x 50 mm green lenses – likely the shade lens for welding protection (check shade rating for specific welding applications).


  • Flip-Up Design: Allows for easy switching between welding and non-welding tasks without removing the goggles entirely.


  • Overall Benefits:

Protects eyes from sparks, splatter, and harmful radiation during various welding and metalwork activities like:

    • Oxygen-acetylene welding
    • Torching
    • Soldering
    • Brazing
    • Metal cutting
    • Sandblasting

Additional information


200 Pcs / ctn


78 x 41 x 46 cm


0.15 (m³)

Net Weight

21 KGs

Gross Weight

22.5 KGs




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