AAA Safe Safety Goggles: Protect Your Eyes at Work

AAA Safe Safety Goggles: Protect Your Eyes at Work

  • – The frame is a higher Hardened Surface with good Anti-Chemicals
  • – The stronger elasticity brings less deformation or any breakages.
  • Spherical Dual Lens: the outer lens can strengthen the brightness, is suitable for cloudy days and has good Anti-Fog, Anti-Impact, and Anti-Scratch
  • – Three layers of sponge are made of high-consistency cotton, which has better Exhaust Ventilation, good appearance, and safely clings to the face.
  • Extra Wide and Ultra-Soft safety goggles with hard plastic lenses and durable coating are Scratch-Proof, Waterproof, and an essential piece of protective gear to provide Concealment.
  • – The Dual-Injected Rubber Design conforms to the face and fits over regular glasses to provide an excellent field of view and offers a high level of Security From Chemicals, Dust and Debris.
  • – Universal standard fit wrap-around PVC Frame offers maximum Comfort and the Adjustable Strap Fits a wide range of head sizes.
  • – Polycarbonate lens is Impact Resistant and ideal for use on job sites with Construction Tools, Worksites, Laboratories and Class.



Available Color: Clear | Black | Red | Yellow | Blue

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Comprehensive Breakdown of Safety Goggles with Enhanced Features

This description details safety goggles designed for a wide range of applications, offering protection, comfort, and a wide field of view.

  • Frame:
    • High-Hardness Material: Provides better protection against impacts and scratches.
    • Anti-Chemical Properties: Suitable for environments with splashes or fumes.
    • Strong Elasticity: Reduces deformation and breakage for long-lasting use.


  • Lens:
    • Dual Lens System:
      • Outer Lens:
        • Enhances brightness (potentially helpful in low-light conditions).
        • Suitable for cloudy days.
        • Anti-fog properties to minimize fogging.
        • Anti-impact and anti-scratch for durability.
    • Polycarbonate Material: Impact-resistant for protection in demanding environments.


  • Comfort and Fit:
    • Triple-Layer Sponge Padding:
      • High-density cotton for better sweat absorption and comfort.
      • Improves ventilation to reduce fogging.
      • Conforms to the face for a secure fit.
      • Extra-Wide Design: Provides a wider field of view.
      • Universal Standard Fit: Wraparound PVC frame ensures comfort for most head sizes.
    • Adjustable Strap: Allows for a personalized and secure fit.


  • Applications:
    • Chemical Protection: Suitable for environments with splashes or fumes.
    • Construction and Work Sites: Guards against dust, debris, and impacts from tools.
    • Laboratories and Classrooms: Offers protection during experiments or activities involving chemicals or dust.

Additional information


200 Pcs / ctn


78 x 41 x 46 cm


0.15 (m³)

Net Weight

21 KGs

Gross Weight

22.5 KGs




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