AAA SAFE SAFETY JACKET AAA/SJ-75 – High visibility reflective tape with zipper, Velcro flaps 2 strips, Quality Black Pippin.

  • 120 GSM Polyester Knitted Fabric With Zipper
  •  4 Strip High Visibility Reflecting Tape
  •  2 Flap Pocket With 1 Small Pocket & ID Pocket

Size:  Free Size , Height 70cm, Width 60cm

Colors Available: – GREEN , ORANGE


AAA Safe - UAE

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Basic Safety Vest with Pockets: Stay Seen, Stay Safe (Green or Orange)

This description highlights a no-frills safety vest focused on visibility and basic storage. Here’s a breakdown of the key features:


    –  4 reflective strips for 360° visibility in low-light conditions.
    –  Available in high-visibility green or orange.


    –  Two flap pockets with a zipper closure for secure storage.
    –  One small pocket (likely for pens or pencils).
    –  ID pocket for easy identification.

Comfort and Fit:

    –  Free size (70cm height, 60cm width) – check if this fits your needs.
    –  120 GSM polyester knitted fabric – likely breathable and lightweight for comfortable wear over other clothing.
    –  Zipper Closure: Provides a secure front closure.

Overall, this safety vest seems like a basic and functional option for improving visibility in low-light environments.

Additional information


100 Pcs / ctn


58 x 40 x 40 cms


0.09 (m³)

Net Weight

15 kgs

Gross Weight

16 kgs


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