AAA Safety Jacket SJ-62 – High-Visibility Reflective Strips, Good Quality, Comfortable, Breathable and Light Enough

AAA Safety Jacket SJ-62 – High-Visibility Reflective Strips, Good Quality, Comfortable, Breathable and Light Enough

Perfect Visibility For Safety: High-Visibility Reflective Tape Strips on front and backside.
Fluorescent colors make it easier for workers to see and locate one another in dim lighting conditions.
Good Quality: Comfortable size and the surface of the jacket is a mesh construction, making it breathable and light enough to be worn over any other clothing. These jackets do not add any resistance to the movements of the wearer, lightweight, perfect fitting, neat stitching.
Multipurpose Use: Perfect for outdoor utility, for cyclist, motorist, construction, indoor or outdoor, nigh. Our vests are resilient and strong.
Fabric: Front side fabric: 120 gsm Polyester (The jacket is made of tough and durable polyester) and back side: 120 gsm mesh {polyethene (PE) is a very common used plastic. Compared to polypropylene, extruded polyethene mesh is softer and more flexible. The high elasticity and soft characteristics of PE make it ideal for protection}.
Dimension: 24cm X 25cm X 2cm, Height: 70 cm Width: 60 cm.
Other Features: 4 pockets and zip backside and tape strips on front and backside, High-quality Double color tape on shoulders and front on chest and backside, Professional and Duo Color Vest Design.


Size: Free Size | Height: 70cm, Width: 60cm
Color: Green+Orange

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High-Visibility Safety Vest with Pockets (Green/Orange) – Detailed Breakdown

This description highlights a safety vest designed for good visibility, storage, breathability, and high daytime recognition.

  • Visibility:
    • Reflective Tape Strips: Located on the front and back for 360° visibility in low light.
    • Fluorescent Green and Orange Colors: Enhance daytime visibility for coworkers and drivers. The combination of green and orange provides high contrast for even better recognition.


  • Comfort and Fit:
    • Mesh Back: Breathable 120 GSM polyethylene mesh back panel allows for airflow and helps keep you cool.
    • Front Panel: Made from durable 120 GSM polyester for a balance of breathability and toughness.
    • Free Size: One size fits most with dimensions of 70cm height and 60cm width (check if this fits your needs).


  • Functionality:

Multipurpose Use: Suitable for various applications including:

    • Cyclists
    • Motorists
    • Construction workers
    • Indoor/Outdoor use (day or night)


  • Durable: Made of a combination of tough polyester and flexible polyethylene mesh.
  • Storage: Four pockets and a zippered back pocket for convenience.
  • Double Reflective Tape: High-quality reflective tape on shoulders, chest, and back for enhanced visibility.
  • Professional Design (possibly): May have a two-tone design that looks professional.


  • Additional Notes:

While the description says “Large,” it’s still a one-size-fits-most design. Double-check the 70cm height and 60cm width measurements to ensure a good fit.

Additional information


100 Pcs / ctn


45 x 25 x 60 cms


0.07 (m³)

Net Weight

14.5 kgs

Gross Weight

15.5 kgs


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