Adjustable Face Shield Visor Bracket: Secure & Comfortable Protection

Adjustable Face Shield Visor Bracket: Secure & Comfortable Protection

  • – Face visors with brackets are intended to Protect Against Flying Chips with a grip seat of the head of the user.
  • – This visor is a General Protector and will not provide impact protection.
  • – Provides superior Protection in a Variety of Environments.
  • Durable, heavy-duty construction Resists Hazard.
  • – Front Mounting Aluminum Bracket
  • – It’s used for Civil Construction, Fabrication, Oil & Gas, Mechanical Construction, Marine & Manufacturing.
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Face Visor with Bracket: Protection for Various Environments

This face visor with bracket is designed for general protection against flying chips and debris.

  • Protection:
    • Shields the user’s face from Flying Chips and Debris.
    • Important Note: Not suitable for impact protection.


  • Comfort and Fit:
    • Grip Seat ensures the visor stays securely on the user’s head.


  • Durability:
    • Heavy-duty construction for Long-Lasting Use in Harsh Environments.
    • Aluminum bracket for Secure Mounting.


  • Applications:

Ideal for various industries, including:

    • Civil Construction
    • Fabrication
    • Oil & Gas
    • Mechanical Construction
    • Marine
    • Manufacturing

Additional information


100 Pcs Per Carton


48 x 43 x 42 m


0.2 (m³)

Net Weight

20 KG

Gross Weight

22 KG

HS Code



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