Reliable Chemical Protection: Chemical Coverall for Safe Handling

Reliable Chemical Protection: Chemical Coverall for Safe Handling

Chemical coverall.
● Green .45 mm. PVC/Nylon/PVC Fabric.
Flame resistant
● Attached hood with drawstring.
Storm Fly Front with zipper.
● Inner sleeves with Elastic Wrist Closures.


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Colors: Green

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  • Material:

0.45 mm PVC/Nylon/PVC Fabric: This layered construction offers a balance of:

    • Durability: PVC outer layers provide strength and abrasion resistance.
    • Chemical Resistance: Specific resistance will depend on the chemicals you encounter. Refer to the manufacturer’s chemical resistance chart for details.
    • Some Flame Resistance: Depending on the specific certifications, it might offer protection against flames for a limited time.
    • Inner Sleeves with Elastic Wrist Closures: Enhance protection and prevent liquids or chemicals from traveling up the sleeves.


  • Design:
    • Attached Hood with Drawstring: Provides head and neck protection, adjustable for a secure fit.
    • Storm Fly Front with Zipper: Extra flap over the zipper offers additional protection against wind, rain, or splashes.


  • Possible Applications:

This type of chemical coverall could be suitable for various applications involving:

  • Chemical Handling: Manufacturing, processing, or transporting hazardous chemicals (ensure compatibility with specific chemicals).
  • Industrial Cleanup: Responding to spills or contamination events involving chemicals.
  • Oil and Gas Industry: Protection against oil, grease, and some chemicals commonly encountered in this sector (verify chemical resistance chart).
  • Fire Resistant Tasks (Limited): Applications with potential for flash fires or short-duration flame exposure (depending on the specific flame resistance certifications).

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 36 × 29 × 35 cm

10 Pcs / ctn


50 x 35 x 26  cms


0.05 (m³)

Net Weight

21 kgs

Gross Weight

22 kgs


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