Caution Tape Electrical Line

  • Caution Electrical Line
  • High Visibility Caution Tape

Available Size :​ 6 Inch & 3 Inch

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Underground Electrical Line Warning Tape (Available in 6″ & 3″ Widths)

    –  Prevents Accidents: Brightly colored tape with clear “Caution Electrical Line” message alerts workers and excavators of buried electrical lines to avoid accidental contact and potential shock hazards.
    –  High Visibility: Increases awareness and helps prevent serious accidents and disruptions to electrical services caused by digging into electrical lines.
    –  Versatile Sizing: Available in 6-inch and 3-inch widths to suit different marking needs.
    –  Durable Material: Suitable for underground use and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

This tape is essential for marking underground electrical lines to promote safety and prevent disruptions to electrical services.

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3" 8Pcs/ CTN 6" 4Pcs/ CTN


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