REFLECTING STICKER WARNING 2″ X 45 MTRS – Reflective adhesive warning tapes striped.

REFLECTING STICKER WARNING 2″ X 45 MTRS – Reflective adhesive warning tapes striped.

Reflective Sticker tape is based on PVC reflective film, coated with Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive, It is multiple-layer lamination reflective material, with the combination between micro-glass bead reflecting unit and high polymer material to form sealed reflective film. Specially designed for application to plastic and rough substrates, as well as the more usual metal types of substrate.

  • High Visibility Reflecting Sticker 50yrd


Size: 45 meters
Colors: Red/White & Yellow/Black

AAA Safe - UAE


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Enhanced Nighttime Visibility: Reflective Sticker Tape (45 Meters)

    –  Advanced Construction: Multi-layer lamination with micro-glass beads and high-polymer material provides excellent nighttime reflection for increased visibility.
    –  Durable & Versatile: Pressure-sensitive adhesive ensures strong adhesion to various surfaces, including plastic, rough surfaces, and metal.
    –  Long-lasting Performance: Sealed reflective film protects against weather elements for extended use.
    –  Improved Safety: Ideal for enhancing nighttime visibility of vehicles, bikes, trailers, or any objects needing extra attention.
    –  Available Colors: Red/White & Yellow/Black

This reflective tape offers a reliable solution to improve nighttime visibility and safety for various applications.


Additional information

Dimensions 58 × 30,5 × 27 cm

25 Roll / ctn


36 x 36 x 27 cms


0.03 (m³)

Net Weight

13.5 KGs

Gross Weight

14.5 KGs




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