REFLECTING STICKER ARROW 2″ X 25 MTRS – Reflective adhesive warning tapes.

REFLECTING STICKER ARROW 2″ X 25 MTRS – Reflective adhesive warning tapes.

● Easily removable ,and will not damage to your paint during or after installation.
● High Stretchable Ability, and ultimate in Flexibility to most curved surfaces.
Resistant to Water, Solvents, Washability, Diesel Fuel, Gasoline and Sunlight for long-lasting use.
Highly Reflective and Wide Angle Reflection, even up to 90 Degree Angle
● Effective against climate, dust, and the effects of aging.
● Performance as usual under 40-70 Degree
● High Visibility Reflecting Sticker 50yrd

Size: 45 Meters
Colors: Red/Black & Green/Black

AAA Safe - UAE


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Features and Benefits:

  • High-Visibility Reflective Tape (50 Yards)
    • Easy Application & Removal: Applies smoothly to various curved surfaces and removes cleanly without damaging your paint.
    • Durable & Weatherproof: Resists water, solvents, fuels, sunlight, and extreme temperatures (-40°C to 70°C) for long-lasting performance.
    • Enhanced Nighttime Visibility: Highly reflective with wide-angle visibility (up to 90°) for increased awareness and safety in low-light conditions.
    • Versatile Use: Ideal for improving nighttime visibility of vehicles, bikes, trailers, or any objects needing extra attention.
    • Available Colors: Red/Black & Green/Black

This reflective tape offers a convenient solution to enhance nighttime safety and visibility for various applications.

Additional information


40 Roll / ctn


50 X 30.5 X 26.5 cms


0.04 (m³)

Net Weight

18 KG

Gross Weight

19.5 KG




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