REFLECTING TAPE 2″ X 50 YARDS – Mix cloth reflective tape. 2″ width – 50 yard long florescent colors – high visibility

REFLECTING TAPE 2″ X 50 YARDS – Mix cloth reflective tape. 2″ width – 50 yard long florescent colors – high visibility

Reflective Tape is weatherproof, soft, flexible, durable, very high visibility at night, silver white reflection with brightness over than 450cd(lx/m) and UV stabilized for outdoor. Its suitable for pet wearings, outdoor gear, pants, shoes and tent. 2 inch width is great for jackets, coats, belts, vests and suits. It protects you and your family by making you more visible from dark, Make a DIY jacket.

  •  Reflecting Tape With High Visibility Grey Tape 100 Meter Roll

Available Colors: Green+Grey & Orange+Grey


AAA Safe - UAE


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Enhanced Visibility for Day & Night Safety (100 Meter Roll)

    –  All-Weather Performance: Weatherproof, UV-stabilized for outdoor use, and retains high reflectivity even after exposure to sunlight.
    –  Superior Nighttime Reflection: Silver-white reflective material with a brightness exceeding 450cd(lx/m2) ensures excellent visibility in low-light conditions.
    –  Comfortable & Versatile: Soft, flexible design conforms easily to various surfaces for comfortable wear on clothing, gear, or pet accessories (e.g., leashes, collars).
    –  Multiple Applications: Ideal for jackets, coats, backpacks, tents, shoes, pants, belts, vests, suits, and more.
    –  Increased Safety: Improves visibility for nighttime activities like walking, running, cycling, or working in low-light environments, keeping you and your family safe.
    –  DIY Friendly: Two-inch width is perfect for creating custom reflective accents on clothing or gear.
    –  Available Colors: Green+Grey & Orange+Grey for customization and potentially higher visibility compared to plain grey.

This reflective tape offers a versatile solution for enhancing day and night visibility on various clothing, gear, and pet accessories.

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 49 × 25 × 27 cm

40 Pcs  / ctn


44 x 44 x 26 cms


0.05 (m³)

Net Weight

19.5 KGs

Gross Weight

20.5 KGs




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