Caution Tape 6”

  • Caution Electrical Line
  • Caution Water Line
  • High Visibility Caution Tape
  • 350 Mtrs & 6 inch Roll


Available Colors: Yellow | Red | Blue

AAA Safe - UAE

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High-Visibility Caution Tape (350 Meters, 6-Inch Width)

Multipurpose Warning:

    –  Yellow: Ideal for general caution marking in various workplaces or hazardous areas.
    –  Red: Commonly used to mark underground electrical lines to prevent accidental contact.
    –  Blue: Often used to mark underground water lines to avoid disruptions during digging projects.
    –  Enhanced Visibility: Large size (6-inch width) and bright colors ensure clear visibility, effectively alerting people to potential hazards.
    –  Large Roll: 350-meter length provides ample footage for extensive marking needs.

This caution tape offers a versatile solution for marking various underground utilities and general hazard areas, promoting safety and preventing accidents.

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6 Pcs/ CTN


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