Ansell Edge 48-705: Cut & Abrasion-Resistant Gloves for Dry & Slightly Oily Work

Ansell Edge 48-705: Cut & Abrasion-Resistant Gloves for Dry & Slightly Oily Work

Medium-duty industrial gloves, offering high abrasion and cut protection in dry conditions

Key Features and Benefits

  • – Seamless Liner and Knitted Wrist: Provide flexibility and a close fit
  • – Two Levels of Cut Performance: Reduce injury risks, higher efficiency
  • – PU-coated Palm: For safety gloves with oil protection and good grip
  • – Increased Comfort and Protection: Composed of a seamless liner and knitted wrist, EDGE® 48-705 high-dexterity work gloves afford good flexibility and a close fit in cut-resistant applications
  • – Tightened Defenses: Offering two levels of cut performances and ANSI level 6 abrasion resistance at an affordable cost, these high-quality work gloves offer superb value for money compared with mediumweight leather, thick cotton and aramid gloves
  • – Advanced Durability: Reinforced with PU coating, EDGE® 48-705 work gloves provide stronger protection against oil than knitted, cut or sewn gloves in slightly oily environments, and good grip in dry environments
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Breakdown of Medium-Duty Industrial Gloves

This description details features of medium-duty industrial gloves designed for cut and abrasion protection in dry environments. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Protection:
    • High Abrasion Resistance: Suitable for tasks involving frequent contact with rough or abrasive surfaces.
    • Two Levels of Cut Protection: This is a unique feature. It likely means different areas of the glove offer varying levels of cut resistance. However, specific levels (e.g., EN 388) aren’t mentioned.


  • Dexterity and Comfort:
  • Seamless Liner and Knitted Wrist: This design aims to provide a comfortable fit with good flexibility for finger movement.


  • Grip:
    • PU-Coated Palm: PU (polyurethane) coating offers good grip in dry conditions. Oil protection is also mentioned, but the level of protection might vary depending on the specific PU formulation.


  • Applications:

These gloves could be suitable for various medium-duty tasks in dry environments that require:

    •  Balanced Protection: A combination of abrasion and cut resistance for handling rough objects and materials with some potential for cuts (e.g., construction work with lumber, handling metal with occasional sharp edges).
    • Dexterity: Tasks requiring good finger movement and control, like using tools or assembling parts.

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