ANSELL – Safety Gloves – AlphaTec – Solvex – 37-676

Comfortable chemical-resistant gloves, delivering highly durable personal protection


  • Cotton flocking: Moisture absorbency, for improved wearer comfort
  • Reversed lozenge finish: Enhanced grip, for safer handling
  • Tough nitrile compound: Heightened durability and chemical defenses
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  • Elevated comfort: AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-676 safety gloves’ cotton flocking absorbs perspiration
  • Enhanced grip: Their reversed lozenge finish grants them better grip, for secure handling
  • Specialized protection: A high-performance nitrile compound composition delivers EN 374 Type A chemical resistance
  • Optimized durability: AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-676 industrial gloves’ nitrile composition ensures longer wear than similarly thick neoprene or rubber equivalents, with EN level 4 and ANSI level 5 abrasion resistance
  • Guaranteed dexterity: Their slightly thicker 17 mil/0.43mm make-up belies their ample dexterity
  • Food handling compliance: Ideal in both wet and dry conditions, these AlphaTec® gloves comply with EU and FDA food handling regulations

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