Ansell AlphaTec 58-435: Heavy-Duty Nitrile Gloves with Superior Grip & Chemical Resistance

Ansell AlphaTec 58-435: Heavy-Duty Nitrile Gloves with Superior Grip & Chemical Resistance

Heavy-duty high-dexterity gloves, offering superb grip for handling wet or oily components

Key Features and Benefits

  • – ANSELL GRIP™ Technology: Greater grip, lesser hand fatigue
  • – 0.7mm/27 mil Unlined Nitrile Shell: Optimized abrasion resistance
  • – Nitrile Protective Barrier: Enhanced chemical resistance.
  • – Strengthened Grip: AlphaTec® 58-435 protective gloves feature an ANSELL GRIP™ Technology coating polymer, which enables more secure control when handling oily or wet objects and reduces hand fatigue in doing so
  • – Improved Durability: Thanks to their 0.7mm/27 mil unlined nitrile shell, these robust safety gloves offer superior resistance to snags, punctures and abrasion
  • – Specialized Protection: Their nitrile protective barrier also means they guard against various chemicals, including hydrocarbon derivatives, alcohol bases and many solvents and esters
  • – Enhanced Features: A longer version of the AlphaTec® 58-430, AlphaTec® 58-435 hand protection gloves feature the same foldable gutter cuff, to prevent dripping onto the forearm, as well as an extra-long cuff, for added forearm and wrist protection
  • – Food Handling Compliance: Compliant with relevant FDA requirements, they may also be used as food safety gloves, for a range of food processing applications
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Heavy-Duty High-Dexterity Gloves with ANSELL GRIP™ Technology

This description highlights a pair of heavy-duty nitrile gloves designed for superior grip and handling in wet or oily environments, while maintaining dexterity. Here’s a breakdown of the key features and benefits:

  • Grip and Dexterity:
    • ANSELL GRIP™ Technology: This proprietary technology by Ansell aims to enhance grip, especially in wet or oily conditions. This can be crucial for safe handling of greasy or wet components.
    • Unlined Nitrile Shell (0.7 mm/27 mil): The unlined design contributes to a thinner profile and potentially better finger movement compared to lined gloves. However, nitrile by itself offers good flexibility for a heavy-duty glove.


  • Protection:
    • Abrasion Resistance: The 0.7mm/27 mil nitrile shell offers optimized abrasion resistance. This can help protect hands from scrapes, scratches, and wear and tear during handling tasks.
    • Chemical Resistance: Nitrile is a common material for chemical resistant gloves. However, the description mentions “enhanced” chemical resistance, but the specific chemicals it resists are not mentioned. It’s important to consult the manufacturer’s information or a chemical resistance chart to ensure these gloves are suitable for the chemicals you’ll be handling.


  • Applications:

 These gloves could be suitable for various heavy-duty tasks involving:

    • Wet or Oily Environments: The ANSELL GRIP™ technology and nitrile construction can be beneficial for tasks requiring good grip when handling greasy or wet parts (e.g., automotive repair, machinery maintenance).
    • Abrasion and Chemical Hazards: The abrasion resistance and nitrile material offer protection from scrapes, scratches, and some chemicals (depending on the specific type of nitrile used).


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