AAA SAFE SAFETY JACKET AAA/SJ-66 – Duo Colored Safety jacket with high visbility reflective tape with zipper

  • Perfect Visibility For Safety:High-Visibility Reflective Tape Strips on front and backside. Fluorescent colors make it easier for workers to see and locate one another in dim lighting conditions
  • Good Quality: Comfortable size and the surface of the jacket is a mesh construction, making it breathable and light enough to be worn over any other clothing. These jackets do not add any resistance to the movements of the wearer, lightweight, perfect fitting, neat stitching
  • Multipurpose Use: Perfect for outdoor utility, for cyclist, motorist, construction, indoor or outdoor, nigh. Our vests are resilient and strong
  • Fabric: Front side fabric:120 gsm Polyester (The jacket is made of tough and durable polyester) and back side:120 gsm mesh {polyethylene (PE) is a very common used plastic. Compared to polypropylene, extruded polyethylenemeshis softer and more flexible. The high elasticity and soft characteristics of PE make it ideal for protection}
  • Dimention: 24cm X 25cm X 2cm, Height: 70 cm Width: 60 cmOther Features: 4 pockets and zip backside and tape strips on front and backside, High-quality Double colour tape on shoulders and front on chest and backside, Professional and Duo Color Vest Design

Size:  Free Size , Height 70cm, Width 60cm

Colours Available: – GREEN+BLUE


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Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 45 × 25 × 38 cm

50 Pcs

Net Weight (N.W.):

12.5 Kg

Cubic Metres (CBM):

0.04 (m³)


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