AAA Safety Jacket SJ-63 – High-Visibility Reflective Strips, Good Quality, Comfortable, Breathable and Light Enough

AAA Safety Jacket SJ-63 – High-Visibility Reflective Strips, Good Quality, Comfortable, Breathable and Light Enough

  • Perfect Visibility for Safety: high-visibility reflective tape strips on the front and backside.
  • Fluorescent Colors make it easier for workers to see and locate one another in dim lighting conditions.
  • Good Quality: comfortable size and the surface of the jacket is a Mesh Construction, making it breathable and light enough to be worn over any other clothing.
  • – These jackets do not add any resistance to the movements of the wearer, Lightweight, Perfect fitting, Neat Stitching.
  • Multipurpose Use: perfect for outdoor utility, for cyclists, motorists, construction, indoor or outdoor, and night.
  • – Our vests are Resilient and Strong.
  • Fabric: front & back fabric: 120 GSM polyester (the jacket is made of tough and durable polyester.
  • Other Features: 4 pockets and zip backside and tape strips on front and backside, high-quality double color tape on shoulders and front on chest and backside, professional and duo color vest design.


Sizes: Free Size | Height: 70cm, Width: 60cm

Colors: Green+Black

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High-Visibility Safety Vest with Pockets (Green/Black)

This description highlights a safety vest designed for both good visibility and some storage functionality.

  • Visibility:
    • Reflective Tape Strips: Located on the front and back for 360° visibility in low light.
    • Fluorescent Green Color: Enhances daytime visibility for coworkers and drivers.
    • Black Accents: May provide a professional look while maintaining high visibility with green.


  • Comfort and Fit:
    • Mesh Construction: Breathable and lightweight fabric allows for comfortable wear over other clothing.
    • Free Size: One size fits most with dimensions of 70cm height and 60cm width (check if this works for you).


  • Functionality:

Multipurpose Use: Suitable for various applications including:

    • Cyclists
    • Motorists
    • Construction workers
    • Indoor/Outdoor use (day or night)


  • Durable: Made of tough and long-lasting 120 GSM polyester fabric.
  • Storage: Four pockets and a zippered back pocket for convenience.
  • Double Reflective Tape: High-quality reflective tape on shoulders, chest, and back for enhanced visibility.
  • Professional Design: Black accents might add a professional touch.


Overall, this safety vest seems like a practical choice for improving visibility in low-light environments while offering some storage space.

The black and green combination might be appealing for those who prefer a slightly more professional look.

Additional information


100 Pcs / ctn


45 x 25 x 60 cms


0.07 (m³)

Net Weight

14.5 kgs

Gross Weight

15.5 kgs


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