KONG MECHANIC GLOVES – Exclusive palm material 25% more abrasion resistant than normal synthetic leather, Ultimate Grip On Wet, Oily Surfaces

Its 68% Nylon, 16% Neoprene, 13% Polyurethane, 2% Spandex
Co-developed by the Oil & Gas Industry’s Safety Committee.
KONG metacarpal protection 80% impact absorption. KONG knuckle
protection 90% impact absorption.Exclusive palm material 25% more
abrasion resistant than normal synthetic leather.KONG finger protection
76.4% impact absorption offers sidewall and complete fingertip protection.


Size: Large |  XL | 2XL

AAA Safe - UAE

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Kong Gloves Summary

The Kong gloves appear to be a good option for tasks requiring a balance of impact protection, dexterity, and grip in various weather conditions. Here’s a breakdown based on the information provided:

Key Features:

    –  High Dexterity: Designed for ease of use and minimal hindrance to hand movement.
    –  Impact Protection: Offers protection for the back of the hand, knuckles, fingertips, and metacarpals (the bones on the back of your hand).
    –  Abrasion Resistance: The single-layer palm with textured silicone and exclusive palm material is designed to be more abrasion-resistant than standard synthetic leather.
    –  Grip: Textured silicone on the palm provides good grip in dry, wet, and oily conditions.
    –  All-Condition Grip: The Kong Original model is specifically mentioned for providing good grip in various conditions.

Possible Applications:

    –  These gloves could be suitable for various tasks requiring:

          –  Construction (light to medium duty): Handling tools, basic material handling (avoiding heavy abrasion or sharp objects).
          –  General Maintenance: Tasks involving nuts and bolts, using power tools, where grip and some impact protection are important.
          –  Assembly: Tasks requiring dexterity and handling small parts.
          –  Other Applications: Gardening, mechanical work on vehicles or bicycles (depending on the specific task).

Additional information


100 PRS Per Carton


50 x 43 x 32cm


0.07 (m³)

Net Weight

18 KG

Gross Weight

19.40 KG

HS Code



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