Chain Gloves – Cut Resistant Gloves-Stainless Steel Wire Metal Mesh Butcher Safety Work Gloves for Meat Cutting, fishing

– STRONGER PROTECTION : Made of high-strength polyethylene fibres and stainless steel wire, the cutting gloves is 10 TIMES stronger than general gloves. Your hands can be freed from the HARM OF WORK AND COOKING effectively
– WIDE USE: FDA compliant materials let cut gloves come in DIRECT CONTACT with food items .You will protect cute fingers while cutting, slicing, shucking and peeling food in kitchen. It can also be used for garden, mechanic, fishing and construction work
– MORE DURABLE: The dense tissue makes your work gloves won’t TEAR EASILY like others, it means that you can use them longer! This premium anti cut material also helps breath so your hands stay dry and comfortable all day
– SAFER THAN EVER: Flat internal construction and ADJUSTABLE wrist clasp fits like your second skin and bring a comfortable feeling. Excellent WET AND DRY GRIP also makes it easier to hold onto slippery food-Fish, Oyster, Meat etc
– WHAT YOU GET : One piece stainless steel wire mesh glove for SINGLE hand, order now and have a free-of-charge nylon cotton glove to protect your hands better. What’s more, it is easy to clean with water and soap, even for washers.

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Cut Resistant Gloves – Detailed Breakdown

This description highlights a cut-resistant glove designed to protect your hands while working with sharp objects or food. Here’s a breakdown of the key features:

Material and Protection:

    –  High-strength polyethylene fibers and stainless steel wire: These materials are claimed to be 10 times stronger than regular gloves, offering enhanced protection against cuts.


    –  Food Handling (FDA compliant): The materials are said to be FDA compliant, allowing direct contact with food. This makes them suitable for kitchen tasks like cutting, slicing, shucking, and peeling.
    – Other Uses: The gloves are also mentioned for gardening, mechanic work, fishing, and construction work (check suitability for specific tasks).

Durability and Comfort:

    –  Dense, tear-resistant material: The gloves are claimed to be more durable than regular gloves and resist tearing easily.
    –  Breathable material: The material supposedly allows breathability to keep hands dry and comfortable during extended wear.

Safety and Grip:

    –  Flat internal construction and adjustable wrist clasp: This design aims to provide a comfortable and secure fit.
    –  Wet and dry grip: The gloves are advertised to offer good grip on both wet and dry surfaces, important for handling slippery food items.

Additional Information:

Package Includes:

    –  One stainless steel wire mesh glove for a single hand.
    –  A free nylon cotton glove for additional hand protection.
    –  Cleaning: Easy to clean with water and soap or even machine washable.


    –  These gloves could be a good option for food preparation and other tasks requiring moderate cut protection. However, for heavy-duty applications or tasks requiring the highest cut resistance, consider researching gloves with verifiable cut resistance levels based on relevant safety standards.


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