Ansell HyFlex 11-801: Breathable & Comfortable Multi-Purpose Gloves

Ansell HyFlex 11-801: Breathable & Comfortable Multi-Purpose Gloves

Industrial safety gloves with 30% greater breathability and a dirt-masking dark liner

Key Features and Benefits

  • – Darker Liner: For safety gloves suited to dirty or oily conditions
  • – Breathable Nitrile Coating: PPE gloves that offer all-day comfort
  • – ZONZ™ Comfort Fit Technology: Reduced tension, greater usability
  • – Considered Aesthetics: HyFlex® 11-801 industrial gloves’ darker liner helps extend wear life by masking dirt
  • – Elevated Comfort: Their nitrile foam coating also makes them 30% more breathable than comparable gloves, for less irritable daily wear
  • – Enhanced Grip: The same nitrile coating enhances grip, making them ideal in dry and slightly oily environments
  • – Everyday Usability: HyFlex® 11-801 safety gloves’ ZONZ™ Comfort Fit Technology relieves tension and delivers a tailored feel
  • – Improved Durability: These HyFlex® gloves also possess ANSI/EN-compliant abrasion resistance, for longer wear
  • – Guaranteed Skin-Friendliness and Cleanliness: They are Dermatest®-approved for skin-friendliness, and benefit from an impurity-extracting proprietary washing process
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Industrial Safety Gloves with Enhanced Comfort and Durability

This description details a pair of industrial safety gloves designed for comfort and practicality in dirty or oily environments. Here’s a breakdown of the key features and benefits:

  • Darker Liner:
    • Benefit: Masks dirt and oil, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and improving glove aesthetics.
    •  Possible Consideration: Darker colors might not offer high visibility in some workplaces where that’s a safety requirement.


  • Breathable Nitrile Coating (30% Greater Breathability):
    • Benefit: Improves comfort during extended wear by allowing better airflow and minimizing sweat build-up. Nitrile coating also offers good abrasion and puncture resistance for various industrial applications.


  • ZONZ™ Comfort Fit Technology:
    • Benefit: Reduces hand fatigue and improves overall wearability through a comfortable, ergonomic design.


  • Possible Applications:

These gloves could be suitable for various industrial tasks involving:

    •  Dirty or oily environments: The dark liner helps mask dirt, and the nitrile coating offers some resistance to oils and chemicals (check specific resistance levels for your application).
    • Assembly and handling: The breathable comfort and dexterity might be beneficial for tasks requiring good grip and control.


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