Ansell HyFlex 11-727: Cut-Resistant & Flexible Work Gloves for Precision Tasks

Ansell HyFlex 11-727: Cut-Resistant & Flexible Work Gloves for Precision Tasks

Ultralight abrasion-resistant gloves that offer barehand comfort, dexterity and protection

Key Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight Fabric and Seamless Liner: For a flexible, tailored fit
  • Certified Durability: EN level 4/ANSI level 6 abrasion resistance
  • INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology: Ensuring workplace safety
  • Optimized Usability: The Ansell HyFlex® 11-727’s light, barehanded feel, tailored fit and breathable fabric make for consistently comfortable PPE gloves
  • Advanced Durability: ANSI- and EN-certified, HyFlex® 11-727 industrial working gloves remain resilient against abrasion over time
  • Strengthened Defenses: Integrated INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology prevents workplace injuries
  • Enhanced Dexterity: The 11-727’s acute fingertip sensitivity makes for deft, precise hand protection and secure handling
  • Heightened Grip: HyFlex® 11-727 safety gloves also benefit from secure grip, for handling dry or slightly oily components
  • Improved Practicality: The 11-727 model is also sold in vend pack form, allowing for convenient replenishment
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Ultralight Abrasion-Resistant Gloves: Detailed Breakdown

This description highlights a pair of ultralight gloves designed for abrasion resistance while offering comfort and dexterity. Here’s a breakdown of the key features and benefits:

  • Comfort and Dexterity:
    • Lightweight Fabric and Seamless Liner: This combination aims to provide a close, comfortable fit with good flexibility, mimicking a bare hand feel.


  • Abrasion Resistance:
    • Certified Durability: The gloves are advertised to have EN level 4 and ANSI level 6 abrasion resistance. These are high abrasion resistance ratings, indicating the gloves can withstand significant wear and tear.


  • Cut Resistance (INTERCEPT™ Technology):
    • Ensuring Workplace Safety: The description mentions cut resistance technology, but the specific level isn’t mentioned.


  • Overall:

These gloves could be a good option for various tasks requiring:

    • High Abrasion Protection: Tasks involving frequent contact with rough or abrasive surfaces. The EN and ANSI level ratings indicate significant abrasion resistance.
    • Comfort and Dexterity: The lightweight fabric and seamless liner aim to provide a comfortable fit with good finger movement, important for tasks requiring precision handling.

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