ANSELL – Safety Gloves – HYFLEX -11-425

Abrasion-resistant gloves, with color coding to ensure appropriate application


  • HyFlex® indicator system: Workers can ensure adequate protection
  • Certified abrasion resistance: Excellent durability
  • Water-based PU and nitrile coating: Enhanced grip and comfort
AAA Safe - UAE

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  • Indicated protection levels: HyFlex® 11-425 industrial gloves follow a color-coded indicator system, helping workers identify when to use them safely
  • Prolonged durability: HyFlex® 11-425 industrial safety gloves boast ANSI level 6 and EN level 4 abrasion resistance
    Added grip and eco-friendliness: The HyFlex® 11-425’s PU and nitrile coating provides strong grip and is water-based, for a more environmentally friendly fabrication process
  • Advanced defenses and comfort: INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology yarn provides EN ISO C/ANSI A3 cut protection, while seamless knitting means hand protection with greater comfort
  • Guaranteed convenience: These industrial gloves are available in vend pack form, facilitating rapid access
    Certified skin-friendliness: Dermatest® certification ensures these PPE gloves are skin-friendly

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