Ansell AlphaTec® 56-100: Heavy-Duty Green PVC Apron for Chemical & Abrasion Protection

Ansell AlphaTec® 56-100: Heavy-Duty Green PVC Apron for Chemical & Abrasion Protection

18 mil die-cut PVC fabric: Protection from acids, bases, punctures, and abrasion.
Sealed Grommets with Adjustable 48-inch Ties: Easy adjustment with no tear-out.
Vinyl Construction: For flexible, yet durable, personal protection.
Specialized Protection: The AlphaTec® 56-100 blue PVC apron is designed with flexible 18 mil die-cut PVC fabric, which combines chemical splash protection with resistance to oils, grease, punctures, and abrasion.
Optimized Fit: This AlphaTec® safety apron also features sealed grommets with 48-inch ties, enabling wearers to find the best, most comfortable fit for them, without risking tear-out.
Improved Durability: This protective apron’s vinyl construction also makes it highly durable, offering robust personal protection over sustained periods.

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Ansell AlphaTec 56-100 PVC Apron: Heavy-Duty Green Guardian


The Ansell AlphaTec 56-100 is a heavy-duty green PVC apron designed for comprehensive personal protection in various industrial and messy work environments.

  • Key Features:
    • Broad Spectrum Safeguard: The 18-mil thick die-cut PVC fabric effectively shields against chemical splashes, punctures, abrasions, acids, and bases, offering a wider range of protection compared to the white version (56-101).
    • Comfortable & Secure Fit: Similar to the white model, adjustable 48-inch ties with sealed grommets ensure a comfortable and secure fit for most body types.
    • Durable & Flexible: The vinyl construction provides long-lasting wear and tear resistance while maintaining flexibility for ease of movement.


  • Applications:
    • Industrial work environments involving a wider range of chemicals (check Ansell’s SDS for specific resistances)
    • Chemical handling (acids & bases)
    • Food processing
    • Manufacturing
    • Janitorial and maintenance work
    • And other applications requiring protection from splashes, punctures, abrasions, acids, and bases


  • Benefits:
    • Enhanced safety for workers handling various hazardous materials
    • Improved worker comfort and mobility
    • Increased productivity due to reduced risk of injury or contamination
    • Cost-effective solution for long-lasting protection


  • Choosing Between Green (56-100) and White (56-101):
    • If your primary concern is defense against acids, bases, and a broader range of chemicals, the green Ansell AlphaTec 56-100 offers superior protection.
    • If chemical resistance is less critical, and you prefer a lighter-colored apron, the white Ansell AlphaTec 56-101 might be suitable.


Note: Always consult the Ansell product information and safety data sheets (SDS) for specific chemical resistance and appropriate use guidelines.


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