ANSELL – Safety Gloves – EDGE -14-663

CE-certified, PVC gloves, combining chemical and mechanical resistance with excellent grip (Length: 360mm/14”)


  • PVC coating: Protective gloves with optimized comfort and flexibility
  • Non-slip finish: Gloves with grip enhanced by rough, non-slip surface
  • CE compliance: For assured safety and high-quality work gloves
AAA Safe - UAE

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  • Enhanced durability: Fully-coated with PVC, EDGE® 14-663 safety gloves ensure greater flexibility and comfort while guarding hands against chemical, mechanical and biological hazards, making them ideal for workers exposed to oils, greases, acids, caustics and alcohols
  • Optimized protection: These durable work gloves feature a rough, non-slip finish on the palm, fingers and back of hand, offering an excellent grip in wet and oily conditions while protecting against abrasions
  • Reduced risks: CE-certified, EDGE® 14-663 industrial gloves meet European safety, health and environmental protection requirements and are highly cost-effective PVC work gloves for chemical protection

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