6 Industries Where Safety Helmets Are Mandatory In Dubai

6 Industries Where Safety Helmets Are Mandatory In Dubai
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There are different types of helmets available in the market. Designs & feel maybe different. Even the material used may be different. But all helmets, be it a sports helmet, like the one used by cyclists, cricketers, batsmen, or the safety helmet used by the workers, have only one purpose: To provide protection to the head and ultimately to the brain. Safety helmets ensure protection from injuries, accidents or any type of damage. 

Workplace safety is incomplete without quality safety helmets & they are an important part of personal protective equipment (P.P.E) in a number of industries. For decades, professionals and workers,  from construction Industry, manufacturing and Industrial Plants, mining Industry, oil and Gas Industry, electrical and power industry, transportation and Infrastructure Maintenance have relied on safety helmets.  

And relying on safety helmets not only safeguarded the well-being of professionals and workers, but has been a driving force behind the remarkable success and growth of these industries. Thus safety helmets are essential part of workplace safety and providing workers with good quality safety helmets creates a safe working environment. 

A good quality safety helmet stands between a head and a life threatening injury, so it’s lifesaving safety equipment. Let’s know more about safety helmets & the industries where it’s mandatory and also a legal requirement in ensuring workplace safety.

Construction Industry

Have you ever been to a construction site? Perhaps you’ve never stepped on one, or maybe you’ve simply strolled past a massive construction project where thousands of workers toil hard. If you have carefully observed workers operating there, you may have noticed them wearing orange or blue safety jackets or safety helmets as well. Such bright colored equipment is purely for safety of the workers and not for fashion. As construction sites are a dangerous place to be without safety equipment. Particularly, safety helmets are non-negotiable in the construction working environment as they protect workers from brain injuries. 

Construction site isn’t a quiet and safe place to be, especially for workers, supervisors and even for visitors. It’s bustling with heavy machinery, cement work, mixing & pouring cement etc. You’ll find engineers, architects, welders, carpenters, bricklayers, electricians doing their jobs. In such a working environment which houses heavy machines, hard material & so many workers, accidents are bound to happen. Only the use of quality safety helmets can keep the workers safe from flying debris, slipping or falling or colliding etc. 

Manufacturing and Industrial Plants

Manufacturing and Industrial plants house heavy tools, equipment and machinery. Additionally, there are thousands of workers working in and around these machines. There are machine operators, workers, and supervisors who make sure the production goes smoothly without any hault. Now, heavy machines mean loud noise, enough to distract workers or hijack their focus. In the presence of loud noise, communication becomes difficult. Thus, inviting any unforeseen accidents. Such a working environment, where there is loud noise due to production, constant movement of machinery and loads, and presence of large number of workers, demand best workplace safety practices. Workers need good quality personal protective equipment (P.P.E) like a safety helmet which ensures maximum protection to the head and minimizes the risks of any head injuries.

Mining Industry

Mining sites are one of the risky workplace settings. You’ll find workers operating under bright sun, mostly digging, drilling or inspecting the land. The other part of the job requires mining professionals to extract minerals from the depth of the earth. Thus, they are surrounded by risk from everywhere, from heat, dust & other hazards. What makes mining a risky job is the hard surface the mining workers or professionals operate in. Further, working in the sun exposes them to UV rays, hard surfaces, falling rocks, cave-ins, or other geological instabilities make the mining profession inherently dangerous, emphasizing the need for head protection. Mining workers may slip, fall or collide, thus use of good safety helmets becomes paramount. Safety helmets will protect mining workers from heat, dust, UV rays or from any falling sharp objects.  

Oil and Gas Industry

No industry is as complex as the Oil & Gas Industry. Extracting, purifying, storing, and distributing fuel demands a blend of machinery, advanced technologies, and human effort. Such a complex task won’t be possible without the dedication and hard work of employees. Especially, workers operating in & around oil rigs or refineries, or other heavy machinery present on oil & gas industry sites. On such industrial sites, workers face risks from the machinery, hazardous chemicals, gas leakes, fire & any other unforeseen danger. Safety helmets are thus mandatory to cover & protect the head of the workers & mitigate the risks associated with such a complex and dangerous work. 

Electrical and Power Industry

Working with electricity requires maximum caution. Before handling electrical wires or power equipment, one needs to wear proper safety equipment. To not only protect oneself but others around. One spark may lead to electrical fires, equipment malfunctions, or electric shocks & explosions. Thus using the best quality safety equipment is paramount. Professionals or workers operating on power sites or electricians working at heights or in confined spaces, should fully commit to the safety protocols. Safety helmets with insulation are important in electrical and power industry, protecting workers against the following main hazards:

  1. Electric shocks
  2. Fires & high density explosions 
  3. Severe burns & minor shocks  
  4. Falls & collisions 
  5. Dangers from faulty electrical equipment 
  6. Shocks due to faulty installations and incorrect wiring

Transportation and Infrastructure Maintenance

Transportation and maintenance is one of the most challenging and demanding industries. These industries undertake massive projects such as  building roads, bridges & railway tracks. Projects which mostly require huge manpower, money & time. Thousands of workers and professionals toil hard for months and even years to develop solid long lasting roads, bridges and railway networks. And in the process, these professionals and workers face enormous risks from heavy equipment, rain, snow, heat, falling or flying objects, hazardous materials etc. Workers even fall, slip or collide. So good quality safety helmets are vital in protecting workers from potential head injuries or accidents.

Wrap Up: Industries Where Safety Helmets Are Mandatory In Dubai

Safety Helmets are an important part of personal protective equipment (P.P.E) and successfully protects the most vital organ of the human body: Brain. So ensure the safety of your workforce by investing in good quality safety helmets. Safety helmets are mandatory in the construction industry, mining industry, oil and gas industry, Transportation and maintenance industry, electrical and power industry, manufacturing and industrial plants etc. So prioritize the safety of your workforce by educating them about the safety protocols and providing them with the best safety helmets.

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