7 Must-Have Fire Safety Equipment For Manufacturing Industry

7 Must-Have Fire Safety Equipment For Manufacturing Industry
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Fire safety is a critical part of workplace health. Every Industry needs robust fire safety measures to protect both the workers and the property. Especially workers operating in a manufacturing unit need the best fire safety measures and responsive fire safety equipments. Fire can quickly spread and can even lead to dangerous consequences, including loss of life, property damage, and interruptions or even permanently halting the operations. 

Fire accidents are common in Dubai. This year in April, Sixteen people had died and about nine were injured after a massive engulfed through the fourth floor of a residential building in Dubai, Khaleej Times has reported. So to minimize any risks, employers must invest in the best fire safety equipment.

However, it is recommended to buy fire-fighting equipment capable of fighting both small and large scale fires. There are a number of fire safety equipment available in the Dubai market. The latest and advance fire safety equipment includes fire extinguishers, fire alarm system, smoke detector, automatic sprinkler system, fire blankets, Fire-Resistant Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Heat Detector, Fire hydrant System, Fire suppression system, Fire doors, Emergency and Safety Sign, Fire safety first aid kit, Fire Fighting Vehicle, Fire Cabinet, Fire Extinguisher ball, Fire Fighting pumps etc. 

However, the following fire safety equipment would be an ideal choice for the manufacturing Industry.

Fire extinguishers

Fire safety is impossible without the presence of a fire extinguisher. A fire extinguisher is a perfect first line defense against small types of fires. It is capable of controlling small fires and stopping them from escalating into large out-of-control fires. According to wikipedia, A fire extinguisher is a handheld active fire protection device usually filled with a dry or wet chemical used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergencies. It is not intended for use on an out-of-control fire, such as one which has reached the ceiling, endangers the user (i.e., no escape route, smoke, explosion hazard, etc.), or otherwise requires the equipment, personnel, resources or expertise of a fire brigade. 

Manufacturing workplace houses hundreds of workers and different types of materials and machinery. A fire can quickly spread in such a busy & chaotic workplace. So multiple fire extinguishers are needed to protect the workplace and employees from fire. 

Fire extinguisher are of three types:

  1. Class A extinguishers are effective for fires involving wood and paper.
  2. Class B extinguishers are perfect for flammable liquids and gasses.
  3. Class C extinguishers are ideal for electrical fires.

However, the safety team should inspect the working environment and get the required fire extinguisher to deal and control the fire.

Fire alarm system

Installing Fire alarm systems is the best way to protect the workplace from fire. These systems have in-built heat sensors & smoke detectors that are prompt and quick in detecting and alerting the presence of any smoke or fire. Proper training and awareness about these fire alarm systems helps the employees respond promptly and safely when the alarm sounds. 

Make sure to regularly conduct mock drills and properly train employees so they don’t panic and know how to respond to the alarm sounds. Ensure the installation of fire alarm systems in your manufacturing unit to reduce the likelihood of fire escalation.

However, in Dubai which is a modern and advanced place, wireless fire alarm systems are in trend. 

Wireless fire alarm systems are designed with three types of sensors: 

  1. A heat sensor
  2. Optical sensor
  3. Optical-and-heat sensor

Smoke detector

A smoke detector is an electronic device designed to automatically sense the presence of smoke. A manufacturing workplace setting will require multiple commercial smoke detectors. These commercial smoke detectors are connected to the central fire alarm system of the building. So in case of smoke or fire, these smoke detectors send the signal to the central fire alarm system. After quickly detecting the fire with the in-build sensing mechanism and interconnected system, the smoke detector produces a loud alarm signal. This alarm sound is distinctive and enough to alert the occupants, signaling the need for evacuation or appropriate action.

There are many types of smoke detectors available in the market. These detectors can also be used in conjunction with heat detectors for maximum protection and quick detection of smoke or fire. Good quality smoke detectors are of the following type:

  1. Photoelectric (optical) 
  2. Ionisation (physical process)
  3. Dual sensor smoke alarm 
  4. Aspirating smoke detectors
  5. Auto-aligning optical beam smoke detectors

There are different models of smoke detectors available in the Dubai market. A proper risk assessment by your safety team will determine the appropriate smoke detector your manufacturing workplace needs.

Automatic sprinkler system

Even a small fire has the potential to rapidly escalate. So a reliable & responsive fire protection device is needed to control the fire from spreading. One such electronic fire protection device capable of providing a rapid response is an automatic sprinkler system. In some fire accidents, manual intervention is delayed or impossible. So an automatic sprinkler system comes to your rescue. It pours the water and controls the fire immediately. These systems automatically start operating the moment heat levels rise to the predetermined temperature programmed within them.

Fire blankets

Fire blankets are effective in controlling small fires igniting in small equipment and devices. You can simply open it like a normal blanket, slowly approach the fire source and just smother the flames. Made from fire resistant material, these blankets can be wrapped around the person if their clothes caught fire. However, there are some techniques to use the fire blanket correctly and safely. Proper training will ensure employees know how to use fire blankets to block the fire instead of panicking or waiting for any manual intervention.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Investing in good quality personal protective equipment(P.P.E.) is critical in ensuring workplace safety. Providing employees with fire-resistant coveralls, gloves, helmets, boots, jackets etc definitely helps in reducing fire accidents and injuries.

Evacuation Plans and Signage

Every employee in the manufacturing workplace must be aware of the emergency procedures and evacuation points. Proper training, regular mock drills, well-marked exits and clear signage contribute significantly to a swift and orderly evacuation.

Wrapping Up: Fire Safety Equipment For Manufacturing Industry

There are different fire protection equipment available in the market. However, the ideal choice of fire protection equipment for a manufacturing workplace would be fire extinguisher, fire alarm systems, smoke & heat detectors, automatic sprinkler systems, fire blankets, personal protective equipment (P.P.E). Ensure a proper fire risk assessment by your safety team and get the most appropriate fire safety equipment from these. These fire safety equipments will definitely reduce fire accidents and injuries. Proper installations and regular training sessions are also critical in keeping the workplace free from any fire accidents and injuries.

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