5 Common Fire Hazards at Workplace And How To Prevent Them

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Fires are unpredictable. 

No business is completely free from fire dangers. They can happen  anytime & anywhere. 

But, if you care about fire safety and take the essential safety steps, your workplace can be less vulnerable to fires. It’s your responsibility to keep your organisation safe from any fire related incidents & hazards. 

Fire hazards pose the highest risk of igniting huge accidental fires.  

Fire hazards may be present in your workplace in large numbers. When a fire is ignited, the presence of these hazards is enough to escalate it. These fire hazards are very common and are enough to turn a small smark into a devastating fire that could damage the whole property, result in irreparable losses & deaths. 

There were 5,490 declared fire incidents in Dubai in the period 2006–2013. 60% of these fire incidents were caused by sparks or due to technological inconvenience, Overall, electrical failures were found to be the most likely cause of fire ignition. So, inspect your working environment to ensure no fire hazards are present in close proximity to any electrical systems. 

Let’s dive into the world of common fire hazards at the workplace. Understanding these risks is crucial for effective fire safety. Now, we’re all human, and sometimes we overlook things, but keeping an eye on these common fire hazards can make a significant difference in preventing workplace fires.

1. Waste Items and Combustibles

Any organisation or workplace can suffer from a poor waste management system. 

Have you ever checked where & how your waste items are stored and disposed? 

If you’re unaware and have no idea where your waste is going, then you’re making a terrible mistake here. Those waste items may include flammable materials or items. If those are left unattended, they’re just waiting to be the fuel for potential fires. 

According to a user, 70% of Dubai skyscraper hotels are reported as being clad with a flammable aluminium polycarbonate material and there have been three major fires since 2012. The UAE has seen a number of similar fires in recent years that have been linked to flammable cladding on many of the country’s ubiquitous high-rises. 

To avoid this, have a proper waste management system. Store any flammable materials or waste items away in designated separate confined locations. 

2. Flammable Liquids

Flammable liquids are equally dangerous. 

They have the potential to start or escalate a fire. Even a small amount of flammable liquids can be troublemakers if stored incorrectly. 

That’s why proper storage of any material of liquid is important. If they are kept open they can ignite with the slightest spark. The key is to store them separately. Be extra careful. Properly seal and secure these flammable liquids in a well-ventilated cabinet, and, most importantly, keep them far from the reach of employees & other fire hazards.

3. The Unexpected Culprit: Dust

You won’t believe this. 

And you might be wondering how dust can cause a fire. But this is absolutely true. 

Believe it or not, one of the major causes of fires in unventilated workplaces is dust. We bet you didn’t think of it. Everyday materials like wood and plastic leave dust behind, which can accumulate in machinery, causing malfunctions, breakdowns, or even explosions. Just like the explosion in a Jebel Ali industrial area after several residents reported hearing a loud explosion on Wednesday night. The Dubai Media Office said that the fire was caused by an electrical cable.

Keep machines clean, and free from dust, and use extraction fans, especially in places like factories and warehouses where dust is likely in the air.

4. Objects Generating Heat

Overheating is a dangerous problem. 

Till date, several accidents caused by overheating have been reported. 

Any electrical device like your phone, car, computer system or any other big electrical equipment installed in a workplace may suddenly start overheating due to unknown reasons. 

Machinery and electrical equipment, our reliable work buddies, can turn into fire starters when they overheat, especially if combustible materials are nearby. 

If you have big machinery at work that is always up and running, you have to be extra careful of fire breakouts. 

Keep your equipment away from potential hazards, unplug when not in use, and resist the temptation to leave it on overnight unless necessary. Safety is key here.

5. The Human Factor

No human is flawless & perfect. 

Why is human fallibility overlooked? 

They are capable of making fatal mistakes that can lead to grave consequences. Just like the fire at a high-rise tower in Dubai, in which four people were killed and nearly 60 workers were injured, was due to ‘human error’, an official has said.

We all are human and we all make mistakes. Lack of training is the root cause of such mistakes. Inexperience is another major reason. However, when it comes to human errors, possibilities are endless. Employees might unknowingly place flammable objects in the wrong spots, unintentionally creating a fire hazard. 

The solution? Fire safety awareness & fire safety equipment training. Get in touch with a reliable safety equipment supplier in Dubai & equip your workforce with high quality fire safety equipment, key lessons, & all the right safety protocols. 

Remember, being aware of these common hazards is the first step in creating a safer workplace. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and let’s keep those workplace fires far from reality.

After all, a little caution goes a long way in fire safety.

Wrap Up - Common Fire Hazards at Workplace

Fire hazards are very common. These hazards are nothing but any material that could help the fire escalate. And these could be present in large numbers in your workplace. It’s critical to identify different fire hazards present in your workplace & store them safely. However, the most common fire hazards that could increase the likelihood of fire at your workplace are waste items & combustibles, flammable material & liquids, dust, object generating heat, human errors etc. These are some of the common fire hazards that could unknowingly trigger and escalate a huge fire. So take fire safety seriously. Find a reliable safety equipment supplier in Dubai. Buy high-quality fire safety equipment. Train your employees about the use of these equipment. Moreover, just keep your workplace safe from fire hazards and accidents.

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