Why Lab Coats Are Essential in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Safety and Compliance

Why Lab Coats Are Essential in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Safety and Compliance
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Why Lab Coats Are Essential in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Safety and Compliance

Laboratory coat or a Lab coat is an essential piece of personal protective equipment (P.P.E) for professionals working in laboratory settings. 

Though available in a variety of colors, white lab coats are the most preferred ones. As the white color lab coats symbolizes professionalism and neatness, offering both protection and fostering a sense of responsibility & care. Lab coats are prominent in laboratories, clinics, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and other medical facilities. 

Also known as aprons, these lab coats offer perfect first line defense against different hazards present in laboratories. Hazards such as chemical spills, biological contaminants, and potential splashes are effectively minimized by these lab coats. Lab coats are comfortable to wear, and quick to remove. Offer protection as well as mobility. However, to avoid cross contamination, lab coats can only be worn in laboratories. 

Lab coats are popular not only within laboratories but also in hospitals and clinics. Observe medical & lab professionals during your hospital visits. You’ll find them wearing these coats, as a means of seeking protection, maintaining a professional appearance, often signifying their roles as caregivers or practitioners in the medical field.

Let’s delve into the detailed reasons why lab coats are essential in the pharmaceutical industry:

The Role of Lab Coats in Ensuring Safety in Pharmaceutical Industries

Lab coats are essential safety attire popular in many industries. However, lab coats are the best personal protective equipment (P.P.E) for laboratories, hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical companies. 

Laboratory is a dedicated place for research and experiments. These research and experiments vary depending on the type of laboratory. For example, in a chemistry laboratory, scientists may investigate the properties and reactions of various substances. Meanwhile, a biology laboratory could be engaged in studying living organisms and their ecosystems. Beyond these, other medical and clinical laboratories play a vital role in conducting regular research in fields such as healthcare, medicine, and human biology etc. 

In every laboratory setting, biological, chemical, radiological materials, waste, human blood, tissue, cell lines, bacterias, pathogens, and or other potentially infectious materials are present. To safeguard against these harmful infectious materials, lab professionals must be equipped with high-quality lab coats. A good quality lab coat provides a perfect barrier between the skin and harmful infectious materials, protects personal clothing from blood and other chemical splashes, and prevents the transfer of infectious material outside of the lab. 

The white lab coat first made its appearance in the late 1800s, along with the development of medical scrubs. Duncan Grech, Head of Commercial Projects at Evolve, says: ‘’In the dynamic world of science, laboratory  coats serve as more than just protective garments, they symbolize professionalism, dedication, and a commitment to safety. These specially crafted coats offer a sense of empowerment, fostering confidence and focus in researchers. From multiple pockets to store essential tools to a range of colors and designs, lab coats embrace both practicality and personal expression.”

Perfect Lab Coats for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Lab coat is a simple knee-length safety uniform widely used by medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory professionals. This coat is a crucial piece of personal protective equipment (P.P.E) that meets both the safety as well as regulatory requirements. There are a variety of lab coats available in the Dubai market. Let’s see some popular types & their benefits in detail:

Cotton Lab Coats:

Cotton lab coats are classic lab coats, popular in laboratories or other medical settings. Made from 100% cotton, these lab coats are the preferred choice of lab professionals due to its ability to provide natural feel, comfort and breathability for longer hours. The lightweight & soft texture of cotton offers a pleasant and comfortable experience and its natural absorbent nature prevents the penetration of spills, splashes, bacteria and other hazards.

Polyester Lab Coats:

Polyester Lab Coats are popular for their low-maintenance characteristics and high durability. Polyester, when blended with cotton or other material, produces a highly vibrant, long-lasting garment which keeps its polished appearance and color intact despite repeated washings. These lab coats are also wrinkle-resistant, contributing to their overall performance & ease of care. 

Nylon Lab Coats:

Nylon is a soft, strong & durable petrochemical-based synthetic fiber. It is recognized for its lightweight & resilient nature and popular for offering a high degree of flexibility & mobility. Quick drying properties make nylon lab coats easy to dye and excellent choice for dealing with liquids or chemicals.

The Importance of Lab Coats in Pharmaceuticals

There is no denying that lab coats are an important protective gear for professionals working in pharmaceutical laboratories. Lab professionals in pharmaceutical laboratories are required to work with precision and caution. Their work demands utmost attention and compliance to safety protocols. Therefore, equipping lab professionals with good quality lab coats is fundamental in such a sensitive, secure & controlled environment. Lab coats are unique and perfect for providing solid defense against hazards present in pharmaceutical laboratories.

Let’s uncover the benefits & importance of lab coats in pharmaceutical laboratories:

Chemical Resistance:

Laboratory is a perfect home to different types of chemicals. These chemicals are safely stored and used for different purposes. Lab professionals are authorized persons to use these chemicals for research and other experiments. However, regardless of the precision in storage and handling, they are bound to pose inherent risks. A good quality lab coat with resistance to chemicals is ideal for protection against spills, splashes & other  chemical hazards present in pharmaceutical laboratories.

Comfort and Breathability:

 Lab professionals are required to work for long hours. They spend hours researching and experimenting in confined spaces. Therefore, lab coats provided to them should have good comfort and breathability, enough to carry out the demanding lab work with ease. Lab coats made with breathable materials can provide more ventilation, maximum protection, and minimum discomfort.

Full Coverage and Length:

Lab coat is a simple knee length safety uniform that offers full coverage & protection against spills and splashes that are common in pharmaceutical laboratories. Knee length with full sleeves lab coats are recommended, as they are equipped to deal with any kind of hazards present in pharmaceutical laboratories.

Secure Closure Mechanisms:

The delicate closure mechanism enhances the overall functionality of the lab coat. A well-fitted lab coat has gentle snaps and buttons. A secure & user-friendly lab coat offers a perfect snug fit, contributing to both safety and ease of lab professionals.

Safety & Compliance

The health & safety regulations in the pharmaceutical industry are regulated by the Ministry of Health & Prevention (MOHAP), the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) & other regional authorities. However, any pharmaceutical company must comply with the globally recognised Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). 


Lab coats are a crucial part of the personal protective equipment (P.P.E). They must meet the safety and regulatory requirements of Dubai. Non-compliance with regulatory standards in the UAE can lead to legal consequences, including fines, penalties, and potential suspension of operations. The Department of Health Abu Dhabi (DoH) has closed a medical laboratory for violating regulations. The Department explained that certain violations were proven such as non-compliance with the standards of medical laboratories. 

Risks to public health are also taken very seriously in Dubai. The Ministry of Health has warned medical practitioners not to wear white coats outside their workplace.

So wrapping up Why Lab Coats Are Essential in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Lab coats are crucial personal protective equipment (P.P.E) for laboratory professionals. It’s a simple knee length safety uniform that offers protection against chemical, radiological materials, waste, human blood, tissue, cell lines, bacterias, pathogens, and other potentially infectious hazards present in laboratories. There are a variety of lab coats available in the Dubai market. The most popular types are cotton lab coats, nylon lab coats and polyester lab coats etc. These are available in a variety of colors. But white is the most preferred color lab coat as it symbolizes neatness and professionalism. A good quality lab coat is chemical resistant, comfortable, breathable, with secure closure mechanism etc offering full coverage and maximum protection. Lab coats must meet quality, safety and regulatory standards of the UAE. Therefore, employers must provide good quality lab coats to ensure the safety of the workforce.


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