Lockout TAG

With these tags, will give you a peace of mind of knowing that to ensure the safety of others is conveyed by this tag clearly. These tags have bold colors and large fonts that clearly warn others that a machine or equipment is under maintenance or out of service.
Durable Industry Grade – Lockout tags crafted from PVC vinyl that are resistant to tearing, weathering, and chemicals, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.
Each tag comes with a durable brass grommet that effectively prevents accidental tearing and wear, ensuring the longevity of the tag.
The tag is 3 inch wide and 5 inch long, spacious enough to allow for clear and permanent marking with a permanent marker, wax pencil, or grease pencil, enabling you to include key lockout tag information such as department, time range, contact person, and other critical details.

AAA Safe - UAE

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