FIRST AID KIT 100 PERSON ORANGE BOX – Medicine Organizer, Indoor Outdoor Medical Utility.

FIRST AID KIT 100 PERSON ORANGE BOX – Medicine Organizer, Indoor Outdoor Medical Utility.

People made of strong ABS plastic which is shiny, smooth, and easy to clean. The kit contains a neoprene seal which makes the kit dustproof. The wall bracket is able to secure the kit on a common house wall. The internal crystal partitions permit a more flexible and scientific item arrangement. Additionally, two swivel catches are set for closing security. Recommended use: business companies, small factories, workshops, labs, and etc.



Size: 100 Person
Color: Orange

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    –  30 Alcohol Pads
    –  15 Soap Wipes
    –  175 Adhesive Plaster, 25 pcs/box
    –  20 Sterile Gauze Pads, 5×5 cm
    –  10 Sterile Gauze Pads, 7.5 X 7.5 cm
    –  8 Sterile Gauze Pads, 10 X 10 cm
    –  5 Sterile Eye Pads
    –  4 Sterile Abdominal Pads, 5″ X 9″
    –  4 Burn Dressing, 40 X 60cm
    –  10 Conformaing Bandage, 4cm X 4m
    –  9 Conformaing Bandage, 6cm X 4m
    –  3 Conformaing Bandage, 8cm X 4m
    –  3 First Aid Bandage, Middle
    –  1 First Aid Bandage, Large
    –  3 Cotton Crepe Bandage, 4.5m
    –  3 Triangle Bandage
    –  30 Cotton Ball, 0.6g/pc
    –  2 Surgical Tape, 1.25cm X 5m/y
    –  2 Surgical Tape, 2.5cm X 5m/y
    –  1 Contents List
    –  1 First Aid Guide
    –  2 PVC Gloves, Large, Pair
    –  2 Plastic Tweezer
    –  1 Dressing Scissor
    –  24 Safety Pin, 6 pcs/pack
    –  2 Face Shield with Valve
    –  2 Emergency Blanket
    –  2 Instant Ice Pack
    –  2 Tourniquet Roller
    –  1 First Aid Box


First Aid Kit 100 Person Orange Box

This substantial first-aid kit is designed for businesses, small factories, workshops, labs, and other workplaces with up to 100 people.

Key Features:

    –  Durable Construction: Strong, shiny, and easy-to-clean ABS plastic ensures long-lasting use.
    –  Dustproof Protection: Neoprene seal keeps contents clean and protected from dust.
    –  Wall Mountable: Convenient wall bracket for space-saving storage and easy access.
    –  Organized Interior: Crystal partitions allow for flexible and efficient organization of first-aid supplies.
    –  Secure Closure: Two swivel catches keep the kit securely closed.

Recommended for:

    –  Business environments
    –  Small factories
    –  Workshops
    –  Laboratories
    –  And other workplaces requiring a 100-person first-aid kit

Additional Considerations:

    –  Contents: While this kit is designed for 100 people, the exact contents may vary. Be sure to check the contents list or contact the manufacturer for details.
    –  Compliance: Some workplaces may have specific regulations regarding the contents of first-aid kits. Ensure this kit meets any relevant compliance requirements.
    –  Supplements: Depending on your workplace hazards, you may want to consider supplementing this kit with additional items.

By following these tips, you can ensure you have a well-equipped first-aid kit suitable for your specific needs.

Additional information


4 pcs / ctn


68x 47x 33cms


0.11 (m³)

Net Weight

19 kgs

Gross Weight

20 Kgs


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