Fire Suit Bulldozer

Fire Suit Bulldozer

● Bulldozer’s Fire Fighter Suit is a fully Certified suit with enhanced Thermal Protection.
● The suits have been manufactured to meet industry’s standards.
● This suit will enable the team member to fight fires in all types of buildings efficiently.
Outer Layer: Made of Fire Retardant Fabric-FR Cotton
Moisture Barrier: FR Knitted Fabric with PU Membrane, Fully Seam Sealed
Thermal Barrier: Basofil felt quilted to Cotton Inner Liner
Nomex Knitted Cuffs (can be attached to the thumbs).
● Designed to prevent the Liquids and Burning Particles to go through in.
● The warning bands are sewn on with Yellow Non-Flammable Thread, double seam (the NOMEX BST thread).

AAA Safe - UAE


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