Ansell AlphaTec Solvex 37-675: Comfortable & Versatile Chemical-Resistant Gloves

Ansell AlphaTec Solvex 37-675: Comfortable & Versatile Chemical-Resistant Gloves

Thin, versatile chemical-resistant gloves that deliver comfortable hand protection

Key Features and Benefits

  • – Cotton Flocking: Moisture-absorbent, for enhanced comfort
  • – 15 mil/0.38mm Thickness: PPE gloves offering comfort and dexterity
  • – Nitrile Compound Composition: EN 374 Type A chemical resistance
  • – Elevated Comfort: AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-675 industrial gloves’ cotton flocking absorbs sweat, for greater wearer comfort
  • – Augmented Dexterity: Their 15 mil/0.38mm thickness results in heightened dexterity
  • – Specialized Protection: A high-performance nitrile compound composition delivers EN 374 Type A chemical resistance
  • – Improved durability: Their nitrile composition offers these AlphaTec® gloves greater resilience than neoprene or rubber equivalents of a similar thickness, with EN and ANSI level 4 abrasion resistance
  • – Genuine Versatility: AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-675 safety gloves are suitable in both wet and dry conditions
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Breakdown of Thin, Versatile Chemical-Resistant Gloves

These gloves combine features for comfort, dexterity, and chemical protection for various applications. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Material and Protection:
    • Nitrile Compound Composition: Nitrile offers good resistance to a range of chemicals, oils, and greases. However,
    • EN 374 Type A Chemical Resistance: This indicates the gloves meet a European standard for protection against specific chemicals (mainly alcohols, weak acids/bases, and some detergents). It’s crucial to consult the EN 374 chart and the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure these gloves are suitable for the chemicals you’ll be handling.


  • Comfort and Dexterity:
    • Thin Design (15 mil/0.38 mm): This allows for a close fit and good finger movement, important for precise tasks.
    • Cotton Flocking: The cotton lining absorbs moisture, potentially improving comfort during extended wear. However, this lining might not be ideal for tasks requiring frequent cleaning or involving water-based chemicals.


  • Possible Applications:

These gloves could be suitable for various tasks requiring:

    • Light Chemical Handling:
    • Tasks involving chemicals listed under EN 374 Type A (e.g., alcohols, some detergents).
    • Remember to check the EN 374 chart and manufacturer’s specifications for specific chemicals.
    • Good Dexterity: Assembly, mixing chemicals (of compatible types), precision cleaning tasks.


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