Surprising Facts About Head Injuries and the Need for Safety Helmets

Surprising Facts About Head Injuries and the Need for Safety Helmets
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You may have come across construction workers wearing yellow helmets. And may have wondered why a construction worker needs a helmet while working. The answer is simple. Helmets are mandatory on the Industrial or construction sites, as they are a vital part of workplace safety. Those yellow helmets are known as safety helmets or hard hats. Wearing safety helmets can help in protecting the most vital part of the human body: Head. And protecting your head means protecting your brain. 


Construction or industrial sites are prone to accidents. You may never know when any object may hit a worker on the head and result in any life-threatening injury. So it’s the employer’s responsibility to provide workers with the best quality safety helmets. Additionally, workers themselves must exercise caution by wearing safety helmets, as head injuries are common at construction or industrial sites. 


According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 47% of estimated annual average injuries in the construction industry for the years 2017/18–2019/20, were from falls from a height and a further 12% of injuries were caused by being struck by moving, flying or falling objects.


So employers should take all the precautionary measures and ensure safety of its workers. Let’s delve into some of the lesser-know facts to highlight the crucial role safety helmets play in workplace safety.

What are Safety Helmets?

Surprising Facts About Head Injuries and the Need for Safety Helmets

Safety Helmets or Hard Hats are a crucial part of personal protective equipment [P.P.E] Safety helmets are different from sports helmets or any other helmets but the purpose is similar: To protect the head & brain from injuries. Safety helmets are meticulously designed to protect your head, face, neck or skin from falling sharp objects or electric shocks or any other danger that may severely impact the head. Workers, technicians or supervisors are advised to wear safety helmets while working. Even visitors must be provided with Safety helmets to avoid any head injuries. 

The quality of the safety helmet depends upon the material used by the manufacturer. However, any quality safety helmet must have a strong outer shell, a dependable harness & a comfortable chinstrap. A strong outer shell will minimize the impact on the head as it will be the first to receive any blow. A dependable harness ensures the helmet is placed correctly on the head. While a comfortable chinstrap will avoid any discomfort to the person wearing the helmet. 

Employers must invest in high-quality safety Helmets. Any compromise on the quality will result in grave consequences to both the employers and workers. 

Why Safety Helmets are effective?

Safety Helmets are recommended by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration(OSHA). According to (OSHA) guidelines “Employees working in areas where there is a possible danger of head injury from impact, or from falling or flying objects, or from electrical shock and burns, shall be protected by protective helmets.”


Safety Helmets are mostly used in construction or industrial settings. Workers work in a risky and unsafe environment so the use of quality safety helmets is recommended. A quality safety helmet firmly stands in between the head and the injury. The safety helmet will be the first to take the impact, if a worker falls or collides or is hit by any object. 


Safety helmets are perfectly designed to minimize the impact and reduce risks of any serious head injury.  As head injuries are common in certain workplace settings, safety helmets successfully prevent workers from any life-threatening head injuries. 


If wearing a safety helmet is important than wearing it properly is more important. Train the workers on the proper use of protective gear. Ask the safety officers to inspect the site regularly to ensure every worker complies with all mandatory safety equipment requirements. Safety helmets serve as a strong defense against head injuries, and every worker needs to understand its importance. Employers should not compromise on the quality of safety helmets nor should they accept any excuses for failing to wear helmets. Anyone who disregards safety guidelines must be fined.

Head injuries

Each year, thousands of workplace accidents result in deaths and injuries of so many workers. The statistics aren’t alarming but cannot be ignored. However, those workers who survive death end up with critical head or brain injuries. Concussion is quite a common type of head injury. In some cases, a blow to the head may cause a temporary disruption in normal brain function. This temporary disruption is known as concussion. 


If the impact of the blow is severe, then the person may end up with a Traumatic brain injury. In 2018 alone, almost 8,000 construction workers suffered a head injury and 230 construction workers died from their injury. These deaths and injuries take a significant human and financial toll on the injured workers, their families, and their employers.


Both employers and workers need to realize that head injuries can be dangerous. They may even result in death or a permanent disability. So investing in quality safety helmets is of paramount importance to ensure safety of the workforce. 


So wearing safety helmet = Protecting the brain 


So don’t ignore or compromise on your workforce safety. Buy the best safety equipment now. 

Choosing the right Safety Helmet

Buying the right type of safety helmet depends on the activity a worker will be engaged in. There are multiple types of safety helmets available in the market. A safety helmet for a construction worker might be different than required by a mining or any other industrial worker. Color factor usually comes to play here. Safety helmets come in various colors like, yellow, blue, white etc. Some workers may have a personal preference for helmet colors while in some cases, management may use different color helmets to classify workers as it may help in identifying them. Mining workers may need safety helmets with integrated lighting. When working in challenging weather conditions, workers may require safety helmets with proper ventilation. However, all the safety helmets must be in compliance with the safety standards set by  Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). Apart from the safety standards, safety helmets should be well-fitted, durable and comfortable. Get in touch with any of the leading suppliers and buy the best safety helmets for your workforce.

Role of a Safety Officer

Safety harness is life-saving equipment. It’s the most useful fall protection equipment that ensures a worker’s safety when working at heights. When attached to a body, it empowers a worker to work without fearing for his life. With a safety harness in place, a worker is prevented from falling and directly hitting the ground. Instead, a safety harness gently lowers the worker, significantly reducing the impact of a fall. 

Deaths & injuries resulting from falls are common at some workplaces. When working at heights workers need a comfortable and best quality safety harness. The comfort factor is particularly crucial, as any discomfort caused by wearing a safety harness may put the worker’s life in danger. 

According to the annual report of the Central Statistical Office for 2020, in Poland there were a total of 4227 accidents involving workers falling from a height that year, of which 30 led to serious injury, and 31 to death

There are various types of safety harnesses available, such as full-body harnesses, chest harnesses, and rescue harnesses etc.  The safety officer must recommend the best safety harness depending upon the specific job and its requirements. 

Wrap up

Workers operating in hazardous environments must be equipped with the best personal protective equipment (P.P.E). And the safety helmet is the most important safety gear, the right safety helmet will definitely help in avoiding head injuries to workers. Safety helmets not only shields a worker’s head but also offer protection for their face and skin. Additionally, safety helmets provide defense against weather and potential electric shocks, ensuring comprehensive safety for workers. 

Safety Helmets is a life-saving safety equipment. So make sure you provide your workers with the best safety helmets now. 


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