6 Easy Maintenance and Care Tips for Long-Lasting Safety Goggles

6 Easy Maintenance and Care Tips for Long-Lasting Safety Goggles
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6 Easy Maintenance and Care Tips for Long-Lasting Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles are a critical personal protective equipment(P.P.E). They are mandatory in many workplace settings, as they are effective in protecting the eyes from different workplace hazards. The delicate nature of these safety goggles makes them vulnerable and they require proper care and safety goggles maintenance if you want them to stay effective and usable for a long time. They are expensive as well and it won’t be feasible to replace them every now and then. So there are certain simple and easy safety goggles maintenance and care tips that’ll keep the effectiveness of your safety goggles intact and will also keep them long lasting.

When exposed to challenging working conditions, fog, dust and other debris quickly settle on these safety goggles. These may end up damaging the lenses or impairing your vision which can have dangerous consequences. So it’s your responsibility to regularly clean & properly safety goggles maintenance. The importance of safety goggles becomes evident when considering that up to 15 workers are treated for serious eye injuries at Al Mafraq Hospital Abu Dhabi each month due to disregard of safety goggles.

While the responsibility of providing high-quality safety goggles lies with the employer, the onus of safety goggles maintenance & using them for a longer period of time falls on the user. However, taking care of your eye safety wear is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps to keep your safety goggles in optimal condition, ensuring both durability and your continued safety.

1. Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your safety goggles is a simple yet effective step for proper safety goggles maintenance. Blow off the dust and debris if any. Gently clean the lenses with a soft cloth. Then rinse them in cool water. Wait for a few minutes and let them dry. Once they are dry, wipe them with a soft cloth.

Check for any hard debris that might have stuck on the lenses. Don’t touch the lenses with your fingers and avoid scratching with nails. Only wipe it with an approved soft cloth. In some cases, you can even spray compressed air to remove the debris which are difficult to remove by cloth. Debris and dust or any particles may compromise your safety, so clean your lenses properly. Not cleaning your safety goggles may compromise its vision and effectiveness.

2. Proper Storage

When not in use, properly store your safety goggles. Storing them in a good quality case or pouch is highly recommended and vital for their performance and longevity and safety goggles maintenance. A pouch is a safe place to store your safety goggles as it may prevent scratches, dust or any other small or bigger impact.

Pouches may even shield the safety goggles from exposure to extreme temperatures. Avoid storing your safety goggles in your pocket and refrain from leaving them in an open space. Instead, consistently secure them in a pouch for optimal protection.

3. Inspect For Damage

Before starting your day, spare a few minutes to carefully inspect your safety goggles. Spot any cracks, scratches or any other signs of damage for a proper safety goggles maintenance. If you notice any issues, promptly report it to your safety team and get it repaired. If you’re proactive, small issues can be repaired and replacement can be avoided. So prioritize your well-being and regularly inspect your safety goggles. Go to work with reliable and comfortable and optimal safety goggles.

4. Clean the Ear Pieces and The Sides

Don’t be surprised if you spot any debris or dust on the ear pieces and sides of your safety goggles. Chances of you ignoring these while cleaning your lenses are high. The dust or any debris on ear pieces and the sides if not cleaned will accumulate and will slowly progress towards your lenses. Once they end up on the lenses they will cause more problems. So never ignore these areas while cleaning your safety goggles and proper safety goggles maintenance. Check your manufacturer’s guide for any special instructions regarding cleaning your lenses and other areas like the ear pieces and the sides.

5. Avoid Touching the Lenses & Only use Approved Cleaners

Never touch the lenses with bare hands. Touching your lenses is an easy way to transfer oil, dirt or other particles that may impair vision or even damage the lens coating. Handle your safety glasses with care and safety goggles maintenance.
Always keep a soft cloth with you and wipe it regularly. Use straps for adjustments. And sometimes water fails to remove certain debris. In such cases, use approved cleaners which are available in the Dubai market. Never use soap or any other liquid. Check the manufacturer’s guide for the recommended cleaners. Be proactive and ensure proper maintenance and care for your safety goggles.

6. Use Retention Strap or Neck Cord

While at break, anyone would like to remove the safety goggles and keep them away. But doing so may compromise your eye safety and improper safety goggles maintenance. As you may expose it to dust or forget after keeping them away. So you can use a retention strap so your safety goggles are within your reach and you can quickly wear them again if the need arises. The retention strap or neck cord allows safety goggles to comfortably hang, making you aware of your safety goggles and reminding you to wear them when the need arises.

Wrap Up: Tips for Long-Lasting Safety Goggles

Safety goggles are one of the most useful and critical personal protective equipment (P.P.E). These are delicate but perfect for protecting your eyes in any workplace setting. However, safety goggles need proper maintenance and care. So be proactive and ensure proper maintenance and care for your safety glasses, if you want to keep them effective and in usable condition for a longer time. Hence, you need to follow these quick and easy steps to proper safety goggles maintenance like cleaning them with cool water and then wiping it with a soft cloth, storing them in a pouch, using approved cleaners, using retention straps, regularly inspecting them, and regularly cleaning the lenses as well as ear pieces and sides.


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