How to Choose the Right Fabric and Fit for Your Safety Coveralls

How to Choose the Right Fabric and Fit for Your Safety Coveralls
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How to Choose the Right Fabric and Fit for Your Safety Coveralls

Having the right personal protective equipment (P.P.E) plays a crucial role in protecting the workforce from various workplace hazards. The right fabric and fit makes a huge difference when it comes to selecting the personal protective equipment (P.P.E). 

Safety coveralls offer a perfect defense against various workplace hazards like chemicals, flames, abrasions, water, heat etc.  They are one-piece full-body protection safety equipment that perfectly guards your body from top to the bottom. They are widely popular and useful safety equipment in various industries. Safety coveralls are even most preferred safety equipment because of its ability to provide full body protection. However, The right fabric and fit in safety coveralls are essential features to consider before investing in safety coveralls. 

A safety coverall is a one-piece garment with multiple benefits. Easy and comfortable to wear and durable enough to withstand any hazardous chemicals, water, heat, flames, particles, liquid and challenging weather conditions. Manufactured with durable materials like flame-resistant fabric, water resistant fabric, heat resistant fabric along with high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The best feature about safety coveralls which differentiates it from other safety equipment is the full-body protection from head to toe. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the importance of choosing the right fabric and fit for your safety coveralls.

Importance of Safety Coveralls

Workplace safety holds utmost significance in Dubai, where numerous construction projects are underway & thousands of workers operate in risky and challenging environments. Providing workers with the best quality personal protective equipment(P.P.E) is of paramount importance in Dubai, especially when the health and safety statistics from the region is alarming. 38% of construction deaths in Dubai occurred because of poor supervision, with a further 25% due to lack of training. 25% of UAE companies do not provide PPE to their employees

In any working environment, safety coveralls are the best choice of personal protective equipment (P.P.E). The reason is quite obvious. Safety coveralls offer full-body protection. A one piece garment that is comfortable to wear for a longer time without causing any discomfort. Following are the key features of safety coveralls. 


  • Full body protection 
  • Manufactured using durable materials 
  • Less exposure to workplace hazards 
  • Can be worn for an extended period without experiencing any discomfort.
  • Soft and comfortable fabric that allows easy air circulation 
  • High visibility in low-light working conditions 
  • Protection against all kinds of workplace hazards like heat, fire, dust, water or liquid splashes

Selecting the Right Fabric

Before investing in safety coveralls, evaluating the workplace and identifying the hazards present is crucial. Once you know the type of hazard present then it’ll be easy for you to select which type of fabric will be useful. However, different fabrics offer different protective properties. But the most common type of fabric widely used in different working environments are flame resistance, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance. Depending upon the type of hazard present, match them with the corresponding fabric properties. However, the unique quality of safety overall is their ability to perfectly strike a balance between comfort and protection. It offers full-body protection and are comfortable to wear for a longer period of time. Following are the key benefits of safety coveralls.


  • Useful in any kind of work environment 
  • Solid defense against multiple types of hazards like chemical, biological, heat, flames, electrical, dust, liquid and underground particles, sunlight, rain water etc 
  • Prevents transfer of contaminants by offering full-body protection
  • Less body exposure reduces the risk of injuries, burns, infections, or respiratory issues etc
  • Compliance with regulations.

Importance of proper fit in safety coveralls

When selecting a piece of personal protective equipment (P.P.E), quality is non-negotiable. So as comfort, mobility and flexibility. A well-fitted safety coverall not only ensures ease of movement but also provides maximum protection. It’s crucial to consider that workers wearing safety coveralls may need to engage in tasks like climbing, lifting, or other activities that demand agility. Any discomfort in performing tasks freely can compromise the safety of the worker. So fitting is equally important as the quality of the fabric. 

To ensure your safety coverall fits properly, you can take the following measures:

  • Take accurate measurements 
  • Utilize sizing charts provided by manufacturers 
  • Allow workers to try different sizes before making a final decision
  • Seek guidance from experts or professionals
  • conduct trial and test sessions to confirm the appropriateness of the selected size.
  • Gather feedback from workers who have experience with the selected coverall sizes
  • Inspect the workplace environment to identify any specific type of hazard

Regularly conduct safety training for workers, educating them on the importance of correctly fitting safety coveralls and providing guidelines for proper wear to enhance overall workplace safety. Only 18% of construction companies in the Dubai Municipality conduct regular health and safety training.

Additional Features

The main purpose of any personal protective equipment is to provide protection from workplace hazards. However, some additional features may prove extremely valuable and useful for workers and make their job easier. Features like multiple small pockets may help in carrying the tools. Reflective straps may improve visibility in low-light conditions.  Employers may even order customized safety coveralls depending upon the workplace hazard and nature of the task to be performed. Extra additional features may only enhance the overall functionality of safety coveralls. Here are some good additional features that a safety coverall may include:

  • Multiple pockets for storing small tools and equipments 
  • Adjustable cuffs and ankles 
  • Reflective strips & high-viz colors 
  • Radio & communication device pockets 
  • Tool holders and loops
  • Detachable hoods, collar & pockets 
  • Water proof or anti-static


When investing in personal protective equipment (P.P.E), quality is non-negotiable. Go for the Brands that have a strong reputation and proven track record of delivering quality safety equipment.  Research different dealers, compare different products and brands, read online reviews and testimonials, familiarize yourself with industry standards and safety requirements before making  a decision. However, seeking guidance from industry experts is highly recommended. Safety coveralls is the most preferred choice of personal protective equipment (P.P.E) as it offers a full-body protection from head to toe. It offers protection against different kinds of workplace hazards like chemical, biological, heat, flames, electrical, dust, liquid and underground particles, sunlight, rainwater etc. Buy only good quality safety coveralls which offers maximum protection along with comfort, flexibility and mobility. Go for the ones which have extra features like multiple small pockets, reflective strips for high visibility, adjustable cuffs and ankles, radio & communication device pockets, tool holders and loops, etc


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